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  • noganyan87 noganyan87 Oct 29, 2013 10:37 PM Flag

    Gold and GSS will jump. This fed tapering is messing with the peoples minds.

    Guys, gold prices went down because of the anxious gold holders who think the feds will announce the tapering starting this year. I think that will not happen.

    If the feds announce that things stay the same, look for gold to push above possibly $1400.

    Just what I think, please do not hate me for my opinion. I am not saying go buy GSS or gold, just giving my opinion on this forum. Which was made for opinions.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • TAKE THIS TO THE BANK: US Government [even though the FED is NOT a Government entity] CANNOT and WILL NOT EVER be able to taper their money-printing SCAM (via the FED Scam Bank). Even if they say they will or might, read my lips: THEY WILL NOT because they CANNOT EVER stop printing UNLESS they want to bring America to its knees and destroy the entire country (sooner than later anyway). To be quite honest with you, our country is so screwed right now and the disaster is bound to happen, but we simply MUST kick the can down the road until some wise president/leader takes office one day and figures a way out of this mess. Until then, GOLD will GO to the MOON and the DOLLAR and STOCKS are hanging on a very thin string that can break at any moment and get flushed down the toilette. LONG SH, SQQQ and all other Ultra Short ETFs - and GOLD. Carefully Trade intra-day Stocks and stay away from intra-day news and STAY OUT of Stocks or stay long the Short ETFs AFTER Hours.

      Good Luck to All.

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