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  • bbsyruncl bbsyruncl Feb 3, 2014 8:23 PM Flag


    There are new IDs showing up daily trying to warn people to stay away from GSS. And now I see a hatchet job in Seeking Alpha where some "analysts" warn people to stay away, but don't bother to mention if they (or anyone they advise) are short GSS. There sure are a lot of caring people out there. Why else would they post such "warnings"? It couldn't be that they want the share price to go down, could it?

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    • There is nothing in that article that we dont know already. If the price of gold doesnt go up & stay up , gss isnt worth more than a $1. Hopefully it will cause the pps to go down briefly so we can all get some cheap shares

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      • "There is nothing in that article that we don't know already."

        B.S. That article is filled with a bunch of nonsense combined with some half-truths about GSS. You want examples? "The economy is improving." Really? For whom? Ask the millions who have given up looking for a job. "The price of gold is headed lower." Really? The lows from last June have held and gold has formed a bottom. Maybe if those lows are taken out, we can talk about gold heading lower. "GSS's costs at BP are $1,500/oz." Really? That's an old number and doesn't reflect current reality or where the numbers are headed as the company continues to cut costs.

        Again I ask, why would a group of "analysts" just happen to write about a stock that isn't widely followed like GSS unless they or someone they are connected to have an interest in manipulating the share price?

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