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  • catnip1046 catnip1046 Jan 15, 2013 6:21 AM Flag


    What do you see in SRT that I don't see?
    They haven't turned a profit in a long time although they are cutting admin expenses quite a bit.
    Sales seem flat also.
    My tip" to you is FNFG,a local bank here that just bought out a larger bank.
    Saless will be up dramatically and they pay a 4% dividend.
    Take a look.

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    • Catnip & Mac, We meet again, this time over FNFG. As a long time bank invester,remember never
      had a bonafide pension,so made my own by investing in stocks with DRIPS,and the only stocks
      that offered the DRIP option were Utilities and Banks. I;ve liked FNFG,and bought in a little high
      at 13.35.Dollar averaged to 9.674,and will buy more around $8.FNFG bought HSBC(?) branches in
      NY,MA and are trying to digest what they bit-off. FNFG also bought New Haven Savings,and are low-
      key,no big fan fare people.Changed over branches and seem to have a great image.My kinda people,although I don't bank with them.I'm with Citizens(Royal Bank Scotland--in the red) TD ,I'm
      in the black and a local,Guilford Savings Bank,a rock solid privately held bank. FNFG is beginning
      to spread their wings and crow,and will be a good investment for the patient.
      I will pounce on FNFG with next drip,which also drives the dividend yield up,If even sideways
      movement, Close to 4% yield is better than a sharp stick in the eye. STUCE

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I'm heavy FNFG also with a lower apps than you however.
        I didn't know FNFG bought New Haven Savings---thanks for that information.
        Also buying BAC as I think their sp will soar also as they recover.
        I also try to get TRST around $5.00/sh. and VLY anytime they drop below $9/sh.
        I also watch SAL for a possible takeover like the late NEBS(which we had)being taken over.
        I closely watch Ct. banks.
        Are you in Ct.?

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