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  • catnip1046 catnip1046 Jan 24, 2013 6:40 AM Flag

    AB Value Management

    Anyone think that this outfit,which has been buying shares,is run/controlled by the Bakers?
    Almost time for another Q. report.

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    • Catnip, I short search, AB Value mgt. is a hedge fund in NJ? They now own 9.8% of CRVP.
      Like the" sundance kid"who are those guys".They don't show up as major holders,but
      maybe Yahoo needs to update the straight skinny. Do you smell something cooking? A deal
      down the road,A Baker connection? I 'm buffaleod.Did see that Henry Baker is 79,gotta be the
      father, Peter 52 ,john 57 ,are the sons of Henry.I always thought it was 3 brothers,guess not.
      Cat,somethings brewing here,a disconnected move by the Baker's ?Somebody knows about
      a significant part of CRVP's future?Maybe Tom Mac can brainstorm this institutional buying
      ,listed as "insider".Comebackonthat Tom. STUCE

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      • Curious that a hedge fund would be buying up almost 10% of a company that they have no control over and is run by a tight-family operation.
        The hedge cannot put any pressure on the Baker-controlled company so they must hve an ulterior motive to be buying up 10% of the company.
        Maybe they can juice the sp by getting their clients to run the sp like someone did a couple of years ago when the sp hit nearly $2/sh.
        I agree that something is brewing here(no pun to the coffee operation---LOL).
        Take a look at DECN btw.
        Just awaiting approval for their genstrips or a buyout from J&J imo.

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