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  • bondokinbaltim bondokinbaltim May 20, 2013 10:19 AM Flag


    What a joke, zero volume, off 7% so far, no interstellar from individual or mm investors. No posts. A flat line performance. Wow.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Shouldn't be too surprising that the PPS has dropped to about $2.00. As others have said, it's a long play at this point. I have to admit that I am a little frustrated that I have a good chunk of cash tied up in a stock that will likely be flat for for some time to come. Was hoping that they would have announced something in the last report that could trigger some near term price movement, but unless something falls out of the sky, I think we are months or maybe a year from anything of substance. In the meantime we'll just have to endure people freaking out over $.10 -.20 moves in the share price.

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      • 100% agree...

        Also true are the original poster's statements...

        "What a joke, zero volume, off 7% so far, no interstellar from individual or mm investors. No posts. A flat line performance. Wow."

        Unless you just started investing in small caps, this is the norm for a $25M co.
        Does anyone expect millions of shares trading each day?
        I have moved this stock with my and sell orders fairly easily in the past. Doesn't take much.

    • The market cap is $26M and cash at the end of Q1 was $25M. At these prices you are getting a free call option on a number of potential catalysts. The daily moves are a bit erratic but I'm in this for a 12-18 month trade. By then we will know if Vernakalant really has a future.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Relax man, I want the pps to rise everyday too. But I didn't invest in CRME because of "wants". I invested because they have a proven product in Brinavess, marketing approval for Vernakalant in the EU and a catalyst meeting with the FDA to remove a crucial hold for Vernakalant Oral & IV here in the US in just a few months.

      Oh yeah, they also have zero debt and 24 months of cash on hand that they can use to buyback stock, make acquisitions, beef up the pipeline or just sit on and be merry. In the meantime relax while we wait for announcement of when the official date of the FDA meeting will take place & news on how the new sales/marketing team in EU is doing. Take advantage of the lull or sell.

    • Are you a daytrader or something? Why do you worry about every single day of a cheap unknown stock?

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