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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Nov 20, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

    Questions/ comments from newbie

    Just bought in yesterday after seeing news story of purchase. Read earnings cc, was impressed. I can relate, as I have suffered AF and rapid heart rate for several years. I am 62, and have had 1 ablation and 2 cardioversons, with a third one scheduled for tomorrow morning.If you are not familiar with AF, it can be very delibitating in a chronic case. I can clearly see how if corrected early, the drug could save tons of money n health care costs. An ablation costs $80 to over $100 thousand, and guess cardioversion in the $30 to $40 thousand range. In both, you are given antathesia. Pardon my poor spelling. A question I have is what is history and current status of the drug here in USA? Also, in dd, I believe I read thatCRME recently did a RS, why was it done? Any info from longs appreciated.

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    • Hi there mo, thought I could be of some help to you. My father had AF as well so I've seen first hand how debilitating it can be. My father had two ablations and he just kept on getting worse. Fortunately he had another ablation done just last week and since then he has been completely sinus, so we're extremely hopeful. The surgery he had is called a hybrid maze ablation. They not only burn the inside of the heart, but the outside as well. Some people (like my dad and maybe you) have a the malfunctioning nerve(s) on the outside of the heart as well, so a regular ablation does little for them. I suggest you research this procedure, it might be able to solve your problems. Best of luck!

    • Good luck with your procedure and welcome! I think the recent purchase is a really good move and there is great synergy between the two companies. Not only does it give Cardiome a more direct/faster way to market using existing channels, but also comes with revenue stream which should off set concerns around cash flow while Brinavess ramps up. Good move! The 64k dollar question remains around the US market and we're all waiting patiently for the outcome of their FDA discussions on next steps. I'm feeling positive given the track record and real life useage of Brinavess in other countries. With the focus on cost of healthcare in the US right now the potential of substantial savings in treatments is a big carrot. They said early 2014 for this news....would be nice to get an early xmas present though!

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