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  • kunjamukkid kunjamukkid Aug 1, 2004 9:05 PM Flag

    Civilian Fraud in Iraq

    Looks like this story is just breaking. I would appreciate thoughtful and insoghtful feedback and not any partisan rants.

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    • Dimocraps say it is Republicans and Halliburtons fault.

      Republicans say it is Dimocraps and their lack of support for Iraq.

      Truth is: It was and still is a war zone in a country where no one knows who to trust or who to believe. They are dealing with a nation of people who have had nothing for a very long time and want everything they can get.

      Who can blame them? Tomorrow Kerry and his gang would turn Sadaam lose withan appology and the whole country would go back to what it was before the war. They know that and don't trust us. When they hear the disention and ravings of dysfunctional Dimocraps they see America as a bunch of spineless liberal wimps who they can never fully trust.

      This last week Iraq was asking American firms - ALL OF THEM - to hire Iraqi drivers because they were less likely to be kidnapped and beheaded.

      This is a country that is learning to walk and these minor financial problems - minor on a global scale compared to the oppression of an entire country - are to be expected and tolerated. Not one single Dimo is offering a better solution to anything. Only words and most of them mindless ranting against all our efforts in Iraq.

      It's really that simple.

      Republicans want to "fish".

      Dimocraps want to "cut bait".

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      • "Not one single Dimo is offering a better solution to anything."

        Not a single Democrat went to the United Nations and told them that we knew exactly where the WMD were, either. Not a single Democrat asked for the Resolution 1441. Not a single Democrat said to the people in NYC "we're going to get the people that did this to you" and then invaded Iraq.

        What, so now you want to build a coalition of the unwilling by reaching out to the Democrats? Hey, to that I say "Help is On The Way." Bush will be vacationing in Crawford 100% of the time by the time you get it.

    • Political corruption and incompetent leadership by Bush. Why are you suprised?

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