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  • tripplenippleformation tripplenippleformation Nov 6, 2008 3:20 PM Flag

    250,000 Americans per month are losing there JOBS


    thanks to Bush ,PukeNeocon failed economic policy.

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    • you can thank both parties. Mostly the Clinton administration for Nafta free trade & outsourcing. They are also responsible for taking out the Glass Stegal act in 1999. This allowed commercial banks to become Wallstreet investment bankers with our money. The republicans are guilty for doing nothing about it. We the peole are getting the shaft from Washington. It's a rich buddy bailout system now. Profits privatized & expenses nationalized. No rich ceos are held accountable in courst of law for pillaging their co's into bk status. We the poor tax payers are paying for their severence packages for stealing. Check out Richard Fuld 480 million long term employees who did the work (0) not ven their 401 ks. Something is wrong with our govt & Obama has accepted way too much corporate money during his campaign to change anything. Only money runs only money wins. All the laws are made for the top & they are exempt from all of ours. There's no morals in Washington anymore.

    • scorched earth baby. haha. you suck.

    • not just Americans, hes allowed 9-11 and our unregulated' 'free market' credit markets to hurt the entire world.

      Bush will be gone soon but NOT SOON ENOUGH.

      His Policies will be gone, but NOT SOON ENOUGH.

      Arrest his ass now, we have a replacement that is NOT Cheney.

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