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  • deweylady deweylady Oct 16, 2009 1:02 AM Flag

    Transactions with the Devil

    OBAMA MEETS BUSH IN COLLEGE STATION TODAY! TO DISCUSS AS FOLLOWS---Bush has some explaining to do for Obama.


    Washington Ethicists advised Former President GW Bush that the USA owes Russia addend payments for the Alaskan Purchase.

    You see, when the “Tsar” sold Alaska, he was an acting “dictator,” thus the the sale is “ethically” invalid and/or unfulfilled, until the USA pays arrears to Russia in order to give the Russian people the (ethical)/fair price on the land--considering the oil underneath it & all.

    ---ACTION TAKEN---

    GW Bush & Oligarchs followed through, and conducted a financial programmatized scam upon America, as follows:

    Many wealthy Russian Oligarchs took out generous loans from Russian banks, then bought shares in Russian companies, and then took out more loans from United States banks against the value of these shares (used as collateral). This was conducted secretively during the Bush Administration, who was & is well aware of the loans & consequences, and is committed to regarding this a “sunk cost.”

    More payments are planned to be conducted under the guise of loans to Russia & Russian Oligarchs. The Russians for their role in this theater of fraud are deliberately defaulting (as instructed to do), and the US Media speciously portrays this as “bad decision making mistakes by banks,” when in fact these are programmatized, pre-meditated, deliberate decisions to channel massive US Funds to Russia.

    Bernanke's deception is the Lie by ommission of facts--banks are failing because of loans made to Russian oligarchs--not mortgage loans to Americans.


    Grossly unfair to conduct this scheming, unfair to disguise transactions of such magnitude; however, it's Not intended to be fair to you and me--even if it harms you or me.


    See Below-

    The 2008 global recession and credit crisis-

    Many Russian Oligarchs took out generous loans from Russian banks, bought shares in Russian companies, and then took out more loans from United States banks against the value of these shares (used as collateral).

    One of the first to get hit by the global downturn was Oleg Deripaska, Russia's richest man at the time whose net worth was $28 billion in March 2008. As Oleg Deripaska borrowed money from United States banks using shares in his Russian companies as collateral. Expectations for loan recoveries are nonexistent.

    The Russians who were shareholders of Russian companies, and who sold their shares to Oleg made mega-buck profit from the American Loaned Cash---Oleg served as a conduit to sap Enormous Cash Flows out of America.


    US media portrays these “Transactions” as honest mistakes because the CIA has established media programming dedicated to distract & prevent focused public attention on this matter. CIA are trained & PRACTICED LIARS--unable to be truthful as Pelosi has shown over & over again!

    Bush & Cheney sent America into destitution.

    Ask Obama to refuse TARP bailout to banks who made BAD RUSSIAN LOANS!

    The US banks we have saved with TARP, had enormous bad loans to Russia!


    Bush's TARP paid US banks for their Russian Losses (why do you think Bush wanted his TARP to be exceptionally unregulated).

    That's the motivation behind the transactions causing enormous money flow out of USA into Russia! Bush Ok'd it, and oversaw it, and they've not finished.

    how much will Obama send?!

    Russia is a terrorist state---using Polonium to murder several innocuous people in England & Europe!

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    • Hilary Clinton reveals how the Afghan troops

      are being forced to fight with inadequate resources.

      Thank you Bush for saving us money from our troops

      who probably cannot shoot straight when they get bullets.

      Thank you Bush for giving Russia free USD money,

      Thank you Bush for hiding the TARP you gave out

      I'm so happy to have you around

      May I give my shoes to you to give to the Russians?


      America Bankers give loans to foreigner in a manner that indicate a type of addiction to self-destruction..........write Washington and insist......



    • I also,
      Thank You for ignoring the two devastating Hurricanes
      & millions of homeless in-order to strengthen the enemies
      of the United States. ALA we can keep people underfed,
      underhoused, underpaid, jobless, naked, and destitute,
      then you will locking your 'to-dog' status and can have
      all the doggy-humping of your desire. And ALA
      you send Russia free money, then you have loyal Russian dogs
      right at your side, and in the future as you develop
      you relationship with the Russians you may use the threat
      of Polonium Poisoning upon those whom disagree with you,
      and be able to blame the Russian.

    • Bush gave away more tham

      $One Trillion Dollars via TARP

      to repay Banks for their losses on Bad Loans to Oligarchs.

      As far as the connection between Oligarchs & Russian Mafia,
      well that's quai-correct, the Oligarch's like it when
      the Mafia can turn a profit yet dislike being around
      when internal strife & killing breaks out.

      Thank You Mr. George Bush for assuring a stronger global organized crime network, and thank you for rewarding the Polonium murderer, and thank you for empowering Russia with more resources to build nuke weapons.

    • Obama met at the Bush Master-Estate-abate, and they demosntrated how found sex requires energy, so drill-baby-drill exercises are next....with the new RussianMafia-Oligarch connection via Bush we need more energy as we are being forced to compensate Russia for The Alaskan Purchase.

      Washington is on a 'go-ahead' status with the Alaskan Payment, which are so so very unpopular that they are being disguised through the American Banking system.

      How do we stop this--shy of a Washington Massacre!

    • shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, and maybe the big black man will go away.

      HAL's Conroe office will close.

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