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  • the.word637 the.word637 Feb 7, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    Why Is The Deficit So Huge? A 15% Capital Gains Tax, A Year W/O A Death Tax!,.


    Carried Interest & Deductions!, Revenues Are 15.5% of GDP!, That Won't Let You Murder Muslims Much Longer Filth!,..

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    • So your latest boyfriend is a mooslim geo\moe..?? Bet your priest is jealous....:)

    • It's an article of faith among low-tax advocates that income tax increases aimed at rich people drive them away. As Stuart Varney put it on Faux News: "Look at what happened in Britain. They raised the top tax rate up to 50% , and two-thirds of the millionaires disappeared in the next tax year. Same things are happening in France where the top rate is 75%."

      That is what low-tax advocates want us to think. But it is not the case. It turns out that a large majority of people move for far more compelling reasons, like jobs, the cost of housing, family ties, or a warmer climate. At least 3 academic studies have demonstrated that the number of people who move for tax reasons is negligible, even among the wealthy.

      For example, Criostobal Young, an assistant professor of sociology at Stanford studying the effect of recent tax increases in NJ and CA, said "It's very clear that overall, modest changes in tax rates do not affect millionaire migration."

    • Find another EXCUSE LIB. Revenues have never been higher joker!!!

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