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  • fox_yankee69 fox_yankee69 Apr 2, 2014 9:03 AM Flag


    So the enrollment deadline went by with the homobama admin celebrating its claim of seven million enrollments. Of course, there's no independent verification of that number but, to continue.....

    We still have no idea of the MIX-how many young, healthy people have enrolled to offset those with pre-existing conditions.

    We were told premiums would go DOWN! Logic dictated otherwise, of course, but progfags hang on every word that pinocchiobama mutters, accepting it as gospel truth. I include the mainstream media in the progfag group because they refuse to report with any degree of objectivity.

    The LIES about "if you like your doctor.........." and "If you like your policy " are STILL lies. You can't, that decision is in the hands of the insurance companies. In New Hampshire, for example, people in the northern part of the state have to bypass TWO HOSPITALS to get to the ONLY hospital in the state exchange,
    in the southern part of the state.

    Dem politicians NOW looking to undo the medical devices tax.........the question is, WHY was it in the legislation to begin with? Didn't they READ it BEFORE voting on it or did the dem leadership refuse to let anyone see it?

    Finally, there are NO TEETH in the bill.........the penalty for non compliance is off the table; mandates are off the table, the small business requirements are off the table, big company mandates extended a few years....

    We're basically back where we were BEFORE obamacare but with much higher premiums.

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