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  • hoowooab hoowooab Jan 11, 1999 12:54 PM Flag


    Lesar will cut deep..if his past performance
    holds true. The stock will go up on that (given oil
    doesnt bottom out at $5 a barrel. The layoffs will come
    to Houston...especially at KBR (Kellogg-Brown&Root).
    I have been told that I will be let go at the end
    of February (I work for one of Halliburton's many
    companies). I am just a newbie(10 years of service).

    do agree that some "old-timers" should be let
    go...just like in any big company..there is a lot of
    deadweight. Hell..i know some engineering types that sit in
    the office all day playing games on their 400 MMX's.
    Engineers always get the best...they probably make..oh should should anyone sitting around
    playing games.

    as for the "interns"..bring them
    in...let's see how fast the bridge falls down..or the road
    shifts, etc...nothing takes the place of
    experience...except more experience.

    and Li'l Noah...your
    opinions are just know the rest...

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    • The ideas espoused here have given me new courage
      to turn this company around and save the jobs of all
      its' loyal employees.

      Effective immediately,
      the Safety Products Division is being formed, and
      will be staffed exclusively with those personnel who
      were on the termination list.

      As proposed
      right here on Yahoo, these workers will comb the
      neighborhoods of their local cities knocking on doors,
      requesting used safety products for our recycling

      Each Safety Products Divison worker will be easily
      identified by a bright yellow (rain slicker type) coat and a
      brand new HAL hardhat. This will afford these workers
      the opportunity to get to know their neighborhood and
      their neighbors much better.

      When the oil
      drilling business picks up, I plan to fold these SPD
      workers back into their original area of

      To further motivate demand for our new product, I am
      planning on enclosing samples of the recycled product with
      the next edition of the HAL annual report; this
      especially targets the non-employee segment of our
      shareholder population. Order forms will also be

      I am confident this will get HAL over the rough
      section of road we are travelling.

    • They both have tons of animal manure in their houses. Our 'lil Noah even has it packed solid between his ears!

    • Let Chairman Dick form a subsidiary of HAL and
      any old engineers that appear on the lay-off list
      have the option of transferring to the new subsidiary.
      They can retain their pay/status/benefits/seniority
      over there and work that activity until the oil boom
      comes back and they are needed in the

      Now (and this is actually stealing in the worse way
      possible) the new subsidiary will perform environmental
      services. Namely, the HAL Condom Reconditioning Service.
      This group of environmental sensitive engineers will
      comb the neighborhoods going door to door to solicit
      and collect the used resource. Then they will clean,
      re-roll and re-package. Thereafter, as they roam the
      neighborhoods picking up, they can also dispense these
      environmentally friendly safety items. And pricing will beat the
      new virgin product versions.

      This is a
      surefire winner.

      Thanks to the thoughtful
      suggestion of Little Noah.

    • But, then again you are just some kid who thinks
      like the corporate group does. No wonder this is a

      For the excerpt from my commentary
      "As an end to Monday's commentary I will reiterate
      the statements made in the closing of Friday's
      commentary. For those that missed it, simply click on the
      "Past Commentary" below for last week. On that note,
      today I will tear down the ficticious thought that this
      industry needs to consolidate to survive. Complete baloney
      folks!! The only ones who are proclaiming this salvation
      are the analysts & institutions who are looking at
      their bottom line and the corporate *Rich* who are just
      getting richer out of it. So, where did this all go
      wrong. The problem is that all of the above have control
      of everyone's destiny in the corporate world and
      none of the above know what they are doing with it.
      They just know they control it. Has anyone noticed
      that the same corporate executive who could not make
      it in one part of the service industry ends up in
      the same role in another part? Once an idiot, always
      an idiot. But, not in the corporate world of an
      industry that has no values. And that is where this
      commentary is leading to..... that this industry is so
      grossly mismanaged that it is again consolidating. It is
      the same management that has no values and no
      concepts to the fact that escorting someone off the
      premises after they are laid off after 20 years without
      ability to say *goodbye* to friends does not inspire
      loyalism. And it does not inspire loyalism when a
      corporation convienently announces and lays off thousands on
      the brink of posting earnings. Go figure it?

      What really needs to be done is completely eliminate
      *institutions* from holding voting rights on any
      they hold stock in. After all, it is not their money
      but your 401K's & other personal investments that
      they are using against you. My best bet is that most
      of these mergers would not occur at all & it would
      leave upper management out to hang as they deserve to
      be for not improving the company's position in the
      market place. They would get fired and since there would
      be no golden parachutes they would have to work for
      once. What an inspiration! <End Quote>

      then again it doesn't work that way.

    • All the cyber literate old engineers just want to
      defend their job like they just deserve it so keep them
      on the payroll.

      Mr. Cheney has to keep the
      company alive, so those hard decisions have been made and
      their might just be more coming.

      Only dose of
      sense seems to have come from LN.

    • got that impression, too, huh?

    • It is with a heavy heart that I must cut HAL
      workers off the payroll to save the company.

      I do not agree that those so cut are totally
      worthless and the lowest trash on the face of the planet, I
      do realize that someone has to go and they are just
      in that category.

      To make the transititon to
      un-employment as easy as possible, I am notifying all HAL
      security guards to bar those to be laid off from entering
      the HAL premises. That way they will not feel any
      emotions about leaving. There memories will be of the last
      time they walked upon our property, and hopefully at
      that time they had no idea that they would be walking
      their last steps there as an employee. Personal effects
      will be boxed up by the security guards and left in
      the employee parking lot for identification and

      We thank all these terminated employees for their
      contributions to our success and wish them well in whatever
      endeveor they choose to pursue in the


      Your friend Dick

    • They must be useless to get fired or laid

      If they cut their weight, then management would make
      sure that they did not disappear.

      If not used
      condoms, then at the very least they must be trailer

      And don't blame the bearer of the truth.

    • ...why don't you just keep your b.s. opinions to
      yourself? A lot of good people are losing their jobs over
      this "slump", new people who had new ideas and new
      energy to infuse into HAL. Not just old engineers, not
      just "deadwood", but a LOT of good, young,
      enthusiastic employees. Too bad you're so wrapped up in your
      own opinions to care...

    • At first, I thought he may actually work here and
      through some fluke have access to high-level info. He is

      I just went to that little search thing at the
      bottom, typed in "Little_Noah", selected "Authors" and
      left the "Search All Boards" option in place and found
      out all about our little friend.

      He's posted
      similar drivel to the boards of Pennzoil, Advantica
      Restaurant Group (including Denny's), Unocal, Bethlehem
      Steel, Nexar Technologies, Texaco, Carnival Cruises and
      American Home Products. Then, I got too bored to

      This is to indicate that this buttwipe need not be
      taken seriously!

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