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  • kikiskier kikiskier Sep 2, 1998 2:01 PM Flag

    A september to remember

    ANLT usually holds good news and releases just
    earnings. I see a short squeeze in the middle of
    as ANLT announces new contracts. The stocks fair
    value using the growth rate and and p/e is low


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    • on listing. The NYSE returned my call and gave me
      the following info. There are three options for
      meeting the shareholder requirement...1) 2000 round lot
      shareholders; 2) 2200 total shareholders and average monthly
      volume of 100,000 shares; 3) 500 shareholders and
      average monthly volume of 1 million shares for the past
      12 months.
      Fees for listing (5 million share
      Initial fee---$73,700.
      Annual fee:---$16,170.
      so bad! Turbo.

    • I've placed a call to the NYSE regarding listing requirements and will post when they call back. Meanwhile, I'm trying to find out how many shareholders. Later. Turbo.

    • >>As to the NYSE, I think ASI might meet
      the requirements, but the fees would be excessive
      given the volume this stock

      Turbo, I don't have a copy of the annual report in front
      of me. But if you (or anyone else) do(es), could you
      check on the # of shareholders listed? We may or may
      not be ok there (as those shareholders who have their
      shares held in street name count, too).

      As far as
      listing fees go, I'm estimating them to be $87k to be
      listed initially and $7k annually thereafter.

      far as what specialists charge, I don't know (any

      So, one question would be, is it worth $87k (plus all
      the legal, etc. costs the co. would incur during the
      listing process) to ANLT to be listed on the NYSE?

    • You are correct about the lack of prestige on
      "the Curb," however unless the automated traders are
      going to go the floor and look at the book they won't
      know what's out there to buy or sell, thus reducing
      their confidence to bang out little orders in rapid
      succession. My contention is that in thinly traded stocks the
      automated Nasdaq trader has an advantage if he chooses to
      use it. Heaven forbid there should be just a tad of
      collusion amongst what used to be termed the SOES bandits.
      Trust me these guys need the Nasdaq and their Level II
      screens. List your stock and you take away their
      As to the NYSE, I think ASI might meet the
      requirements, but the fees would be excessive given the volume
      this stock trades. Thanks for your response. I would
      like to continue the dialogue. Turbo.

    • >>I would still like to see the company
      apply for listing on the Amex or New

      The co. would not currently qualify for listing on
      the NYSE and the AMEX would not provide any less
      manipulation or games w/ the spreads than are currently
      occurring here (read some of the current controversy about
      the AMEX - not good; a listing on the AMEX is not
      exactly a thing of prestige these days).

      Take care
      - K.

    • just look at the base that is being formed. mm
      are sucking up the weak hands. it is getting to be
      more obvious. hold on buy more on weakness look at the
      charts its building a base to hit 35+ before the end of
      summer. lets see buy at 24 sell @48 seems like fun to me.

    • The 10-Q reads just fine to me. It's nice to see
      more activity on this board, but I think that reading
      the actual 10-Q was more helpful. I would still like
      to see the company apply for listing on the Amex or
      New York (probably too expensive). If this were done
      it would be far more difficult for 100 and 200 share
      lots to push the stock around. Today was a light
      trading session. We traded between 25 and 25 3/4 all day
      until 3:55 p.m. when several consecutive small sales
      pushed the stock below $25. This bullshit would not
      occur with a specialist on the stock. Opinions??

    • I can't make anything out of the last five or six posts. Anyone able to translate?


    • Regarding "The stocks fair value using the growth
      rate and p/e is low 30's." Keep in mind that the E
      that you are using is based off of revenue that wont
      exist as cash for another 210 days.

      "What are you guys, in that none of you have ever
      communicated with the Company or it's auditors, going to do
      when ANLT exceeds earning estimates, goes cash flow
      positive, reduces Days outstanding and announces new
      contracts?" The answer would be - I might cover, if the
      numbers were real and very substantially improved. For
      now though all those things are just hope. I dont
      expect the above since: Cash flow is getting worse, not
      better. This is what cash flow has done is the past 4
      quarters: $2,717.0; $-1,087.0; $-3,907.0; $-5,994.0. Thats
      a steady deteriorating trend, and thats losing
      money. As for DSO's - heres what they have done over the
      past 4 quarters: 172, 191, 198, 210. Thats called
      getting worse, not better. Earnings can be manufactured
      (they are) so who knows what they will print. And, BTW
      lets not forget debt, which has done the following
      over the past 4 quarters: $18,669; 19,856;
      $22,679; $27,282. In other words they have had to borrow about what
      they have lost on a cash flow basis.

      business is sick and getting sicker, I think that the
      above numbers plainly show that. Maybe a miracle will
      happen, but I see that as just hope, compared to the
      reality listed above and taken from the quarterly

      I'm short.

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      • >Cash flow is getting worse, not

        Uh-hum, Ms. Equity Analyst, have you ever called anyone
        at the Company and asked any questions?

        you explain to me how the Company's bidding,
        contracting, acounting and revenue recognition model works?

        Do you know the differance between data and
        information? Data is being able to read SEC reports and spout
        meaningless things about cash flow and unbilled recievables.
        Information is the art of applying static data to a human
        enterprise. You have to know the people to understand the
        enterprise. Do you know anyone at the Company?

        Are you
        pulling your assumptions out of your ass?

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