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  • marcoiaboni marcoiaboni Jun 7, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

    Can anyone with medical knowledge

    explain to me why a machine to diagnose appendicits is needed? Correct me if I'm wrong but they can already diagnose that with a simple CT scan. I'm not a short i'm actually interested in the stock but I need to be confident in the product before buying into this company. An other thing that worries me is this is their only product in their pipeline.

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    • and oh yea the ct exposes you to lots of radiation.

    • marcoiaboni: well i tell you what happened to me. Had lots of pain and throwing up and kept going to doctor. So finally did a ct and said nope nothing is wrong. So did blood work and said i might have ovarian cancer and scheudled a surgery. Woke up after surgery and was in lots of pain and said "well you do not have ovarian cancer you had an infected appendix so we had to call in a general surgeon so that is what you laid on the operating tble so long cause took hour for surgeon to get to the OR. Just my experience. So yes they did ct and did blood work and it showed infection and had low grade temp for couple months etc. But is the appnedix ruptures then chance to get septis and that is very dangerous when an appexdix operation is a very simple only maybe two days of pain afterwards and minimum hospital costs. But i do know of three people on my block of ten houses that had ruptur appendix and all went to doctor couple times before and one had ct just like me and out of three of us it was never found on the ct. I am no octor or nurse. Just stating what is true and facts wout of three people.

    • It's cheaper to use Venaxis's procedure than CT scan (too expensive) procedure. Another reason: No competition.

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