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  • wallstreetbuyer wallstreetbuyer Jun 29, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    any explanation?

    Why this stock still under pressure? Dilution issue solved, positive interview couple of daysaao, price at the bottom.

    What and how big is the down side?

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    • The reason there is no interest in this company is because the test has a 97% accuracy, meaning doctors will still have to use existing tools in the diagnosis of appendicitis. This is just an additional tool they can use but it' will also be an additional cost. It will never sell. IMO.

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      • HumpreyB.S. you couldn't sound anymore like the DOUCHE JACKOFF we know you too be. what a fing #$%$ post

      • That is def NOTt the reason, 97% is a great number, 100% in almost anything is not attainable. People have been burned very bad in the past by this Company with the reverse splits and the promise of FDA submission and approval to have the "product" pulled back and submission cancelled then run out of money and diluted the stock a bit more, reverse split again, dilute again. If (when) this is completed and FDA finally granted this stock will be a home run. IMO. Just at the present time there is still an enourmous risk not to mention probably a bunch of positioning by some, day traders kind of kill us longs as well in the short run. I am long on this one and think it will start to turn Nov Dec time with the larger gains to come if granted FDA approval if you have the stomach to hold this one for 12-18 months. I am here for a min of 8 months regardless of what it does in the short run.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ~ good question i think...(i have shares here)
      maybe many shareholders are not believeing the management anymore.... 2 r/s and dilution dilution...and many lost huge money on appy.... personally, i think this is the time to get in... good luck to longs

    • I know it's not in our nature but...we'd be better off turning the computer off and forgetting about Wall Street where CYTK's concerned for a couple of months. Big buyers are playing with the heads of the smaller and trying to create a mass they can buy in cheaper and low as we let it go is where it stops....then it should rise like a rocket ship.

    • trading for cash right here oversold & European approval obtained & FDA next. I've been buying this week getting more attention also as Sheff from Ihub started buying this week has 4000 followers & moves stocks

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