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  • bacon4jewburg bacon4jewburg Apr 6, 2010 9:38 PM Flag

    If gold drops and these roy mines stop mining....


    then all the revenue for rgld goes away too there is operational risk here, rgld just has no control over it.

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    • If any one of these royalty mines stops operating Royal Gold will lose their share of production from that one mine until it gets back up and running, but the reserves will still be there and the company will have royalities from many other mines which will mitigate the loss of revenue.

      Royalty diversification makes the loss of revenue Royal Gold's only operational risk.

    • If FED stops money printing and stock market drops like rock, what happened to those retired and rely on pension plan which is alreadhy in billions of shortfall? QE to infinite! Ben Bernanke to resue.

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      • The reason gold is going up against a rising dollar is that the Euro's and Brits are buying. They see their currencies freefalling , only the ever trusting Americans ( with no reason to be trusting) aren't buying gold. When the musical chairs Fiat game ends the rush for the chair of gold will leave them bumped off and sitting on the floor-- again.

    • What info is telling you that the 10-year gold bull market is ending? What mines are in jeopardy? Do you not think RGLD management did its homework?

      Things certainly don't look like they are topping out from this perspective. Greece's troubles, the euro's troubles thanks to Greece, the Middle East, quantitative easing worldwide and especially the US, etc., etc., seem to be lined up strongly in favor of higher gold. Maybe you can fill us in with something new.

    • I'm confused by your post. I am here as a former owner of ROY and the bulk of their royalties are in Nickel and frac sand and to a smaller extent silver and gold. Not sure where you are getting info of a gold drop or the effect on the ROY royalties. Would you explain some more?

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