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  • pfm0520 pfm0520 Aug 8, 2012 5:21 PM Flag

    130M Gross Annual R, 97.5M Net Annual R will

    get us to break even, so nearing the halfway point?

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    • Today, the Company said OPEX is going down NOT UP this quarter - in fact all the way down to $19.9 to $21.9 MM which is BY FAR the lowest number this Fiscal Year. In fact, OPEX was lower in FY Q3 than FY Q2 as well.

      Those are the facts. OPEX has been AND is continuing to go down not up. If you have any facts that indicates otherwise, please provide the link.

      When AVNR does issue guidance for next Fiscal Year ending 9/2013, we will then have some facts to base any forecasts on. Otherwise, it is just pure speculation. nothing more.

      Who knows, an EU partner could assume the ongoing costs of the MS pain and ALZ agitation studies.

    • They previously guided for FY13 OPEX at $95-105M. Given that are upping this year's guidance I'd expect the upper end of that range.

      If they have OPEX of $100M next year then to break even they'd need Net revenues of $106M at today's gross margin rate of 94.4%

      If they need $106M Net (may be too low) and the discount rate is 22.5% then they need gross of $136.7M

      THUS, if current gross run rate is $52M we are 38% of the way to BE.