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  • superichkid superichkid Sep 9, 2012 11:25 PM Flag

    Healthcare Analytics scripts - week of 8/31

    TRx up 1.4% w/w
    NRx up 3.4% w/w
    RRx down 0.6% w/w
    While I believe these numbers to be accurate
    please do your own due diligence.

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    • horcents Sep 10, 2012 9:43 AM Flag

      Thanks, SRK. YOu're the best!

    • SRK

      I'm really starting to like turning my computer on Monday morning.

      I guess we have to start figuring up how to define an "Explosion". Let's start with the word exponential. Does an explosion or exponential growth have to occur within one week? That seems a little short. A month of 10% weekly gains? Will we simply know it when we see it; or will the event not be clear until the dust settles?

      As usual, we will have to factor out whatever is happening on WS; too many competing powers trying to spin and control. This will have to be numbers driven.

      And then there will always be the things we are familiar with but dont really know; (thanks Donald Rumsfeld); like has there been a recent 9-10% price increase, and have 90 day pill subscriptions started to become more dominant.

      Any ideas?


    • Thank you so much SRK !


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    • This is mindboggling. Absolutely no pullback from the last 2 monster weeks and then up again some more. And ANOTHER 3.4% NRX. And then still in a normally summer slowdown period and leading into a major holiday weekend at that which would affect the 31st as well being it's the friday before labor day. have to understand how powerful this is when there's no pullback from the big gain weeks. And it's just happening time after time after time now.

      This is the kind of thing that can bring Break even right up to the end of this year even as I'm sure OFP and Ray will be happy to tell you about (chuckle). For now though i'm holding with my March 15th move seeing that was just moved up a couple weeks. I have a sneaking suspicion though that we'll soon be back into February and the mid Feb. range at that.

      Which, of course..much to Rays personal worst fears coming true..will make me a winner even of his contest.

      Would we have that any other way though longs? :)

      I will say again though...anyone short this is crazy. You have to consider not only these gains but the time it will take them to cover this level of shorts.

      This really ..and EASILY..could be their next arna they're looking at.

      In any event..thanks again SRK for this info.


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      • 1 Reply to tradestoxx11
      • You guys always put me in a position of Debbie Downer by your failure to objectively analyze the information we get.
        There was only a 1.4% weekly increase in total scripts. Not good considering the low level of scripts we're at. This is not off-label pain use. Seeing a glimpse of the giant head of off-label pain use is what we need to see here.

    • Thank you SRK! Next week is the four day holiday week with 9/1 -9/7. Nonetheless, this is FOUR Consecutive Record Scripts Weeks PLUS a 10% Price Increase. Fantastic!!!

    • Great NEWS! Up on 4 day week! Superrichkid 5-Stars to you!

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