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  • greatdayforpumpin greatdayforpumpin Sep 23, 2012 9:11 PM Flag

    ray's positions

    $60 million in annual losses!
    AVNR has been a scam for over 10 years so welcome to the party... Oh never mind jonas you are just a tradestoxx alias so you have been here spreading lies since November 2010 just changed your alias since Tradestoxx no longer had any credibility.
    The share price is lower than before they even had a drug FDA approved!

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    • What do you think AVNR's losses will be for this quarter with your supporting calculations?
      Hope you surprise me.

      BTW, this is your only chance.

      Otherwise, you bring absolutely no intelligence to the equation which I am quite sure of but to be fair this is your big chance. good luck.

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      • I'm really not too interested in Avanir's quarterly loss. Certainly not enough to be commanded by you to estimate operating expenses and revenues for the quarter.
        If I'm interested in doing my own estimates on some future day, I'll post them.
        I'm interested in how well Nuedexta is selling and particularly in when or if off-label pain might use might start.
        When do you think that might be? Surprised it hasn't happened yet since Nuedexta has been on the market for 19 and a half months.