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  • jeandoyon14 jeandoyon14 Jan 10, 2013 7:59 PM Flag

    Guess whos who-Traderalph & marmetmaker.LMFAO.What a joke these boards are.


    yahoo should do us all a favor-do away with them.what a waste-as is most things in our north american societiesLike cell phones-people carry them in their hand 24/7 as if their existence depended on it.I guess it does.And not to mention the Billions spent getting the data a nanosecond faster.Phacking brain can't follow that anyway.Who are we kidding, mainly improving stuff that doesn,t need to be improved.Let's spend another $5million marketing a new cereal from General Mills-add it on to the 100 kinds in the grocery isle.And it takes a whole grocery isle to place them all.Grocery strores could be half the size they are now if not for the gullable idiots thinking they need choice .What a phacking joke when The USA consumes 90% of whats produced in the world.Might just be a "little bit excessive" wouldn't you say.And looking forward to the 300 new car models each and every year Which are "required to keep us happy".And the list goes on.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • bwilkison Jan 11, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

      Wow. Braaavvo.

      If it weren't for your lack of talent, self-control, sanity, education, intelligence, practical knowledge, common sense, good grammar, flexibility, social skills, fairness, objectivity, self-awareness, finess, intuition, etiquette, tact, psychological development, wit, realistic perspective, sound judgement, good taste, reasonable disposition, clear-headedness, real-world and worldly experience, sound reason, mathmatical aptitude, cunning, ability to judge character, regard for the truth, competence, respect for others opinions, ingenuity, scientific know-how, communication proficiency, independent thought, political savvy, guile and ability to adapt...they'd probably consider you for Andy Rooney's old spot on 60 minutes.

      Are you a communist, jean?

    • jean, you're rambling on. I have had only one ID on Yahoo for over ten years.
      (slight changes to move back and forth from AVN to AVNR). I, like Sarge were
      quoted in Tamara Vaughn's book. Where were you? I don't take Tamara's
      side but she documents a lot of the company's history. I have never shorted
      Avanir. My current investment has been here for over two years.
      Now settle down and try to cope with today's technology.

      Sentiment: Buy