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  • oldbaldheadedfart oldbaldheadedfart Jan 30, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    I can hardly wait for the Feb. 7 Conference Call

    Can't wait to hear Katkin tell us again how pleased he is with the company's progress in the quarter. We will likely hear how wonderful everyone on the team is performing as his elbow dislocates to pat himself on the back once again while raking in millions in compensation for his "outstanding performance." Ah yes, everything is a beautiful walk on a sunny beach with that little, nagging exception....

    $2.95 per share and Katkin doesn't have a clue on how to increase shareholder value.

    "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"



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    • I wonder if he will remain as excited when he tells us about his losses per share exceding the Streets estimates? How excited will he be about how long it is taking to get EU approval? Since the scripts are NOT "RAMPING" will he be excited about the slow crawl of script growth for the not so new anymore Nuedexta? Let me know because I am not going to waste my time listening to the bobblehead.

      I hope he has a good excuse for the shareprice being a non producer while the market has gone ballistic last year and in January. Bonds have done better for gods sake. Just a horrid stock since $5 two years ago and $4 last year. Nice trend bud.


    • Don't forget that not only is he invariably pleased and delighted but he is also usually "excited"

      He'll try to make a big deal about how many demented patients there are in the U.S. who are agitated, even though he has no business doing such a large study on this without getting a more clear signal from neurologic patients with agitation who do not have PBA.