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  • spook2b spook2b Feb 3, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    Saturday Report 2.2.13

    Nice weekly summary as always, sarge. Just to look ahead a bit, remember that this week
    AVNR will report financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2012 after market close on Thursday February 7, 2013. CC slated for 4:30 EST. I think it's possible that KK & Krew might just throw the long-suffering longs a bone. At any rate, we'll probably get some information that we can pick apart here in YA-YA land. Seems like they might even be able to give us a forecast for next quarter.
    On the subject of the script #s, I'm leaning toward a decrease because SRK's WK info seems to front-run the IMS figures, though the correspondence is somewhat erratic.

    I'm also invested in SPPI, and I believe the bump in BlackRock's shareholdings revealed last week is a good sign. If we see good Fusilev sales last Q, the stock might break out of the doldrums, AF's poo-pooing notwithstanding.


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    • Thanks for the note, #$%$-man. It sure is good to see your familiar handle around here. I appreciate you keeping your finger on the pulse of the short interest--it means I don't have to!!

      At recent earnings conferences, the company has not seemed eager to put out forecast numbers. Given how recently they re-vamped and augmented the sales force, I'd be surprised if they gave real numbers. But they MAY just forecast when the company will become profitable, as in which quarter, based on current numbers and trends. I'd take that bone.

      SPPI. I got a little lucky on that one. Needed some cash, so sold some shares last year when the stock was in the mid-teens. Even given the % of shares held short, which is, what? close to 50? Anyway, even with that, I'm amazed they've been able to keep that stock's price held this low for so long. They're swimming in cash--how many biotechs are even profitable? And they're giving a dividend! And yet, the stock price keeps a P/E of around 7.

      Yeah, that AF, leading the charge of the bears, is a real gem.

      Enjoy the game tonight if you're watching. See ya around.


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