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  • murdercabodogge Feb 11, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    I enjoyed being richmontgomery today..Who will i be tomorrow?

    My original- threefooters14, maybe otcpreview1, murdercabodogge, maybe rich again....You'll have to wait and see. Going out tonight with my partner. He's got a surprise for me..I can't wait.
    You know ~Maybe I'll be a little of all of them tomorrow.
    threefooters14, ..I mean richmontgomery

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    • richmontgomerty138 Feb 12, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

      Amazing,,threefooters, why did you copied my name. I've got nothing against you & being g-ay and all. So delete my name from your long list of alias's. why don't you be murdercabodogge today or otcpreview? Anything but stay off my name.

    • richmontgomery Feb 12, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

      If you guessed richmontgomery, You're right! And you win a special surprise,,much like the one i received last night from my boyfriend..And it felt so goooood to.. However, I did ask everyone if the liked murdercabodogge & got no response so that's good. Maybe I'll be him to today. Anyways..Let me know which one of you lucky guys it is I'll be asking out for dinner and desert.
      you know me,

    • LMAO, what a dumb-dou_sh-ebag you r 3footers....have fun packing fudge tonight. That's probably your surprise idio_t..............bawhahahhahahahhaha