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  • robertclark135 robertclark135 Feb 14, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    Vanguard Group 12 300 000 shares - 5.3%

    tutes getting bigger

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • With the apparent tute buying that is going on, it seems to me that the days of a sub-$3 share price is not going to last forever. Tutes have just about got their boats loaded. So, the key thing here is when do the 'triggers' kick in that shoots this stock higher? It would be nice to see someone or something put some serious pressure on our shortie friends. So, which is it, script numbers, EU approval, EU partnership, or a takeover bid that lights the fire for this stock to move higher? If it is the 'takeover' option, this could explode at any time. However, I would prefer we get a slow but steady burn going with the first three catalysts and long term price appreciation. Otherwise, I think the long term holders get cheated out of their stake in this company.

    • Hello Robert Thank you for that.

      We are doing our bit over here Barclay's added 87,938

      Now holding 3,981,666 as at 12/31/2013

      Hope all is well for you.

      Sr Falconi

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