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  • greatdayforinvestments greatdayforinvestments Apr 28, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    KEEP IN MIND all you Rayonman1 fans (Ray is flip flopper, half-truth, deceptive person):

    Ray, you sure did not sound convincing, at the beginning of the year, that the CHMP would vote for a broad label designation! In fact, you warned many of the potential hit to market cap of $60-$70 million dollars! Cheers to my favorite flip flopper, half-truth poster!

    "But I could easily see the Europeans only approving the drug for the populations that were actually studied, i.e. MS and ALS patients, and not for stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia and Parkinson's patients.
    If limited approval stops sales for the more common neurologic patients in Europe (stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia patients) who have PBA (because of more difficulty with off-label use) and if Avanir therefore does not pursue a European partner and European marketing then I would expect the market to react
    mildly-moderately negatively and maybe lose $60-$70 million in market cap, which would be about 50 cents in stock price. (Just guessing obviously :-)"

    Sentiment: Strong Buy