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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 May 20, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    How's your year going?

    Here's mine..
    Year to portfolio + 18.11%
    Avnr YTD + 28.2%

    Compared to
    S+P 500 ytd = + 16.9%
    S+P 500 historical avg = 9.4% (since 1965)
    Warren Buffet avg. annual return = 19.7 % (since 1965)

    The market has been up virtually non stop since last November. I think prudence suggests some caution. I've been doing several things the last few days. First..taking some gains on positions pretty much across the board on the lower 25% of averaged in posiitons. Second...writing calls on numerous stocks i own.
    Third...using this good overall year to clear out some positions that i've revaluated and feel they're either not what i thought they'd be or Overweighted in positions I feel are pretty much maxed out. Fourth...buying more dividend plays that i like (FTE, NLY and PSEC 10% + dividend are 3 of my favorites).
    And fifth...over all through sales and call writing raising about a 30% portfolio overall cash position.

    My goal the rest of the year really isn't to make any money as much as it is to preserve what the year has been. Another 2% would be nice though to round out the year at 20% +. I also want to further diversify my portfolio with other stocks i'm not currently in that i might feel have some good upside potential. And, I want to be prepared for any overall market pullback and the chance to reaverage into what i do own.

    As for Avnr..i'm still weighing whether i want to do anything with my position but leaning towards just leaving it as is. Despite it being up considerably more than the market AND if the market does pull back it will probably give back some of these gains as well..I think overall this year it has considerably more upside given all that is occurring with script growth..the EU approval and a likely partnership. given my large portfolio gains it's fallen somewhat in terms of a percentage of my portfolio and so I'll just let that be the offset and not add to it like i otherwise might have.

    In any event...A great year.

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    • Judging by the rapid fire thumbs down apparently the bashers years aren't going quite as good?
      Let's take a look at that......

      22 Million short shares x 28.2% year to date..LOSS. = 6.2 million plus whatever interest costs they might have.

      LOL. I guess i'd be giving me and my 28% gain a thumbs down too if i were them.

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      • 3 Replies to tradestoxx11
      • So the math wizard is now claiming that every short shorted their shares on 12/31/12. Is that what you're saying?

        In any event, here we have our billionaire mogul complaining (again) about his "thumbs downs." Pretty pathetic - a supposedly wildly successful investor who has to continually brag about his gains, and seek approval from anonymous people on a message board, all while whining about his ratings. Did your mommy and daddy ever tell you that no one likes a braggard? Why aren't you ever willing to prove even one trade or position? Oh, we've been there before. You just won't.

        How many here believe Trade's stories of his trading gains, vast wealth and fortune, exotic lifestyle, possessions, etc.? Please, make yourselves known. Let's see if we can get five people who are willing to go public? Can't wait, lol.

      • lol. Seriously. think about that for a minute. We're having one of the biggest bull market runs in market history...and the short bashers are DOWN 28.2% this year on Avnr.

        No wonder why ray posted 29 times yesterday.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • count on me for a thumbs up as always,,i will take a 7 buyout on AVNR,,,remember SAC is in the house !

    • STILL A A HOLE.....