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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 Jun 26, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    Why this stock will be buying me....


    my next yacht.

    Let's do some pretty simple math..shall we?

    So in the U.S., we've accomplished almost 100M gross Run rate.
    Let's say we open up the EU ourselves and do NOTHING MORE than we've done here..

    In TWO years from now we'll have....
    100M CURRENT gross run rate plus
    100M MORE here in the U.S. PLUS
    100M coming from the EU.

    300M Gross run rate.

    Out of that we'll have about 1.00 per share in TWO YEARS time.

    10.00 per share? 15.00?
    Both will be EASILY supported at the 1.00 per share EPS level.

    My friends...don't you see? That's just in TWO years time.

    What about the 22 years we'll have with the DDEX patent life?

    And all the other uses.

    Folks..this is what is KILLING Ray.

    He knows all the potential this has. And that my price targets are VERY doable. And even quite conservative when you get right down to it.

    There's really only one thing left to consider.

    What will I name my new yacht?



    ps: the above is why i'm saying...just go the EU ALONE. We don't need anyone else.
    In five years from now..sell it ALL as a package. We'll get 80+ per share IMO.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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