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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 Jul 4, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

    5.00 share...


    IMO...this optinose news has the VERY real the VERY near term..of taking this stock to the + 5.00 level.
    There is NO WAY this selloff is warranted. Not with this drug and delivery system. This is going to be the LEADING Migraine drug on the market IMO. Number 1.

    I have turned over every rock I can doing DD on this and am simply blown away at how good this really is.
    This is a LAY down as far as FDA approval goes. Not a chance that it won't be approved.
    And compared to every single thing out there calling themselves competition..we have the BEST solution.
    It is even SO Close to injections that it makes the difference not even worth talking about. ESPECIALLY when you consider that there is NO ONE that is going to inject themselves continually when this is available.

    Well..except maybe Ray when administering his heroin. Homeless crack and heroin addictted drug addicts like him tend to not care about things that the rest of us care about.

    And speaking of Ray..does anyone have a family bar~b-q you could invite him to?
    Maybe throw him a burger over the fence or something? I'd hate to think of him wasting his entire day here on this board.

    I'd have him out to the yacht but I don't think he can swim that far and if I threw some burgers overboard to him it would undoubtedly attract sharks that would rip him to shreds.

    hmm...come to think of it...Ray...would you like to join me on the yacht for the day?



    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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