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  • fdaplayi fdaplayi Nov 18, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    FOLD (MC $ 100 M) Cash $61 M/ Blockbuster P3 results this Q / Partner GSK holds 20% of Shares !

    This is your opportunity to minimum double or triple your money on upcoming Mega Phase 3 Results which coming any day now (4Q13) .
    This undiscovered Stock trading at $2.09 which is very close to all time low but what you should know is that Pharma Giant Glaxo (GSK) bought their 10 Million shares over $6++ and Management bought over $5++ and they never sold NONE OF THIS .

    Migalastat for the treatment of Fabry disease a rare disease is in Phase 3 which is Partnered with GSK . If the Phase 3 is positive then it has Blockbuster Potential and the Low Float Stock will run like ACAD or RMTI .

    Top‐Line 12‐Month Data from Phase 3 Fabry Monotherapy Study 011 in 4Q

    My Target is $15-20 quickly after Positive Phase 3 data .GLTA

    Amicus Therapeutics (FOLD)

    Market Cap : $103 M
    Cash $61 M
    Price : $2.09

    Shares Out 49.6 M ( Institutions & Managament holding 46 M Shares)

    Glaxo hiked its stake in Amicus to 19.9%. Glaxo made an investment of $18.6 million and bought 2,949,581 shares of Amicus at $6.30 per share. We note that as of March 31, 2012, Glaxo's holding in Amicus was 14.8%, representing an equity investment of $31 million. We believe that Glaxo's increased holding in Amicus reflects its confidence in Amicus' pipeline.

    Fabry is a rare inherited disease that affects between 5,000 and 10,000 people worldwide. It’s caused by the deficiency of a specific enzyme that breaks down a fat known as globotriaosylceramide (GL-3). Without the enzyme, GL-3 builds up in blood vessels, causing a host of side effects including severe kidney damage.

    Fabry is currently treated with enzyme-replacement therapies, such as agalsidase (Fabrazyme), which are administered intravenously. Amicus’ drug is a pill. Agalsidase, sold by Sanofi/Genzyme, is the only drug approved to treat Fabry in the U.S.