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  • samsa1 samsa1 Jul 11, 2014 6:40 AM Flag

    Mr. maglue.......a question

    I read your reply to the other thread. it appears your apprehensive about the 30M payment. I respect your thoughts so please me why? IMO. it was a 30 mil payment from Royalty to buy out the companys royalty rights for a specific term and milestone that SUPN would have recieved from United. now what that tells me is Royalty feels the payments to be recieved from united would or should exceed that 30 million. hence why they would want to buy it for that price. I dont see what your concerned about that this was bad in some way for SUPN ? what am I missing? IF the royalties from United would have exceeded 30 million, then yes, the company looses that amount over 30 but this way they get a garrunteed 30. and once Royalty receives so much ,say 50 million, then the rights revert back to SUPN. so the only money we would be out would be the royalties in between the 30 mil and the cap before it reverts back. but it gives a lot of cash right now and with SN-812 coming up for trials next year its going to be needed. so, please, give your thoughts.

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    • they have accelerated/monetized [given] future earnings... at a cost, and for some reason; Since I can only speculate on the details, it is too hard for me, to say it is a good thing, or otherwise. Executing, according to plan, goes a long way in terms of credibility... that is it.

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      • OK....I see your point. my thought was maybe it would take 5 years of actual milestone payments to reach this 30 mil. so they get it now and have access to it for their upcoming drug trial and that way they dont have to borrow or further dilute. since earnings are still being worked on so to speak in the form of building their scripts. plus the fact that after Royalty earns enough on their own, it does revert back to the company. so eventually, the company will stand to make more down the road. so for me, postioning the cash balance was a positive step. or at least not negative IMO. thanks for your perspective. I do respect your posts.

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