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  • suggar_babbi2005 suggar_babbi2005 Mar 24, 2011 12:28 PM Flag

    Try to twist this Sunspotter ...

    sit tight monther...this is gonna be a nice ride.....imho

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    • max is ONLY person jumping up and down stating what a great discovery this is...truth is, folks like these publish research reports regularly in many actually reach commercialization in the marketplace? kudos for researchers, but tell me how it equates to spph bottom doesn't, except for max can issue another least one can be verified, so i guess it's a first!! notice though, that stock price not jumping...guess community knows all maxie's tactics at this point in time...too bad some folks around here were not informed earlier!!

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      • "...truth is, folks like these publish research reports regularly in journals ... "

        This is not an ad in your local newspaper or a PR . This Journal do not acknowledge something unless it has some promising medical impact , since the reasearch is reviewed by "REAL" Doctors & Sceintists and not your pals at ihub , e.g. sunspotter MD !!!! Hehehe

        You and your iHub Pals just few days a go 'claim' that SPPH is a shell company with "NOOO" research or products in line.
        Now Nature publishes a medical reseach by this "non-existing, ghost company" that Dr.Max has "created" to "scam" investors !! LOOOL
        Well if someone is willing to do "real" medical reseach and still be called a "scam" then i guess that it's still at least an honest "scam" operation. Heheheehehe

        Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan , do you have any idea how dumb you and your pals loook right now to all the readers of these boards , ANY FRKing IDEA !!??!! :)

        So Please Go ahead make our day :) LooooooooooooooooooL

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