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  • suggar_babbi2005 suggar_babbi2005 Apr 10, 2011 3:34 AM Flag

    lawsuits filed against efrky4......

    ????????????? is this true????

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    • Karma?

    • "?????????? is this true????"

      No, it's a deliberate and blatant lie by you.

      I myself was threatened by a lawsuit from Dr. Maximilien Arella, as you can see from the email below. I asked him to go ahead and sue me - and I'm still happy for him to do so.

      You see, my contention that Dr. Arella, Jean François Amyot and their associates are crooks engaged in a criminal conspiracy would be highly libellous if it weren't for one small detail - every word of my claim is true.

      If Max Arella were to follow through with his threat then he knows that not only would the discovery process ruin him, but my countersuit for malicious prosecution would finish the job.

      No wonder SEC are investigating Dr. Arella and SPPH (they're also investigating what he and Mr. Rocc DiFruscia are up to with RMGX, aka dPollution, if you want to see another scam in action).

      You should be careful not to tell too many lies in SPPHG's defense - these SEC investigations, although slow to start and even slower to finish can throw their tentacles pretty wide. People might wonder why you're trying to protect crooks and fraudsters like Arella and Amyot on message boards such as these.

      Here's the truth about SPPH:

      and here's Arella's misconceived threat to me, which of course just made me more determined:

      Max Arella Max

      Send email
      Find email Add to contactsTo, 'Ian Morrice', 'max arella'
      From: Max Arella (
      Sent: Mon 12/13/10 10:30 AM
      Cc: 'Ian Morrice' (; 'max arella' (

      Dear Sir,

      We are writing further to your posts on the website Investorshub under your alias “SUNSPOTTER”. Your posts are libelous and defamatory in nature and have cause tremendous damages to the company, its management and its partners. Your posts are in violations of the website rules and terms and conditions and do not provide accurate information and therefore your allegations are without basis.

      We are requesting you immediately cease and desist your libelous and defamatory remarks and remove the posts that contain same, and provide the company with a written apology or we will be forced to take legal action against you.

      Please acknowledge receipt of this email immediately and provide us with the coordinates of your legal counsel.


      Per: Dr. Max Arella

    • hi know, today is sunday...and you have already started the day by breaking one of the Man's 10 Commandments..just between me and you..just think about it..most posts fair game...lies, that's something else..especially from a self-professed christian..i'm more disappointed with this post than any of yours..really. but babe, GOOD NEWS...i'm heading to the HOUSE at 11 am and you are on my prayer list..REALLY!!!

    • think you've got it wrong...folks want to contact me to file CLASSACTION LAWSUITS against spph and any obvious pumpers!!

    • just bunches babe'...LOL !! best you can do with DD?

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      • I asked a question...on my thread. AS plainly stately...Obviously, someone is scared here..and it ain't me. I own 45K shares...I just asked a question. re-read my thread again...scared boys. It looks like I really have sparked some excitement. ALSO..I have been accused of a conspiracy by these bashers on this thread...I guess they forgot that. too dang funny. again...I told them they were going to jail...and I hope spph and compnay sues the heck out of them...but I doubt they even have a thimble full of pennies. maybe some crack dust in their pocket books. tlak about going to Church and worshipping on Sunday. Yes, even hippo-crits have the chance to be saved.

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