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  • dbdiemer Apr 19, 2011 10:56 AM Flag

    whats wrong with this stock?

    I thought today for sure it would start going back up but it going the opposite direction even after heavy volumn yesterday...whats going on here?

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    • " the Offeror may also acquire issued and outstanding shares through the open market with the objective of acquiring up to 100% of the shares of the Company common stock "

      AL-Dorra want to finalize Hail first pharma IPO sooner than later , that's their objective. and Hail first Pharma cannot go into the public market and be expected to gain interest from investors unless they have some sort of ongoing pharmaceutical business (i.e. SPPH). That's why they're just waiting for the independent lab report to boost the interrest of upcoming Hail public shareowners/traders.

    • precisely...anyone remember ency from 2008???? it tanked after fda failed to approve thelin in june 2007...then morgan stanley got a buyer in pfe in early 2008...stock sp tanked to .59/sh stayed there til one day (after about 3-4 weeks) it popped to $1.13/sh....then the next day pfe made the buyout annc. of $2.24/sh....the shareholders were robbed as ency management got a golden parachute...etc.... same thing here...soemone wants the sp low ...then a bump...and BOOOM!!!! Who cares if the sp gets to $1.10/sh maybe it will/won't but here's a fact...spph HAS to get the sp up someway/somehow...even if the buyout doesn't occur...and believe me it will go up....daytraders will chase it up...that's what they do...speculation is all it takes... Hell the USA is bankrupt...that's a fact...YOUR money in the bank is worth zero...that's a fact...want more???

    • dbdiemer Apr 19, 2011 4:14 PM Flag

      I'm just not going to bash it or hype it...I'm just hoping that my investment pays off that is all..its just stressful watching it dive.

    • Then good night !

    • oh really????? I see.....hmmmmm... be careful of showing us red flags now.... I'm hoping that you are one of the honest ones on this board. there are as far as I can see only about 4 of us that are.

    • dbdiemer Apr 19, 2011 2:45 PM Flag

      Yeah, Ok.I guess I just don't get so worked up about others opinions..

    • as long as cockroach and company starves....and I know they're starving(cause they're criminals) then I'm good. and I'm sure I speak for monther too. We just don't like basher/liar/criminals.....In other words I've got more respect for the common dope dealer than the cops taking payoff money...YOU got it? spiteful???

    • dbdiemer Apr 19, 2011 2:07 PM Flag


    • Actually I wish the entire stock market would close down...fer good...It's evident that the SEC is in bed with the crooks and that our entire government system is not only broken but the laughing stock of the free world. If the dow sinks to zero...a few things happen...message boards like this one cease to exist, the sec shuts down, teh banks shut down, gm shuts down, mickey d's shuts down, giethner loses his job, the price beef, hogs, chickens and garden seed goes up and basically all the criminal activity comes to a halt. YOU SEE when you take the profit out of a shuts down...OR goes it doesn't bother me if spph or any other stock goes to zero.....IT JUST means jamecockroach and company will starve to death. so be it.

    • Simple.

      It's a pump and dump scam, operated out of Canada by criminals with support from other criminals (or possibly the same criminals, in fact) on this MB, like sugarrabid, joeton55 and Crackpipetooth.

      That's what's wrong with this stock.

      You can see all the forensic details on my posts on this MB, and in the iBox and elsewhere on the iHub MB.

      Hope this helps.

      And if you're in any doubt, don't hesitate to come back in three months' time to ask the pumpers why the mythical Al-Dora/Al-Dorra/ Al Durrah/Hail First Pharma buy out didn't happen on either of the dates that were PR'ed by SPPH (all PRs published on the buy-out were in fact issued by SPPH, not the other companies actually named on the PR, which is an interesting fact, not least to SEC).

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