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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Sep 21, 2011 9:28 PM Flag

    No approved, marketable product

    This company has no product for mass distribution and thus no product to even market or talk about. Why should this stock go up? Why should this stock tread water? There does not appear to be any buyout in the past or future. It looks like a game played by masters of overpromise and underdeliver. There are no news releases. There is no product...there is no buyer....there is really nothing. Why does this stock tread water? $790 or so moved around the shares today. Why? An Open Order for shares? I am still waiting for that dilution. Without a saleable product there is no revenue. Dilution creates revenue. When will we see the MM start dumping?

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    • So was the big news of teaming up with Notre Dame Cap all about bankrupcy structuring? Just curious...thoughts?

    • Oh my the shares are just flying out the door this week! Look at this scheme go! There must only be a half dozen placeholders in this stock anymore. When is the BK filing party?

    • $760 dollars sure buys a lot with this stock but it sure doesn't last long does it? The trading just dried up! Who bought those funny one penny shares with that $200 bucks? I like how the bid floor was at something like $.0095 today. It smells like a bait and switch if anyone comes in around that price. You might be buying those shares that traded at $.07-$.08 last week. That would be a waste of money but go ahead. by all meens do not feal compelled to pay a penny. Do some DD first.

      I noticed that it seems like there are fewer tabs available on the Yahoo SPPH site to use to do research. I guess the company could not afford those services. Unfortunately, inestors should not invest without doing some DD in those tabs. I guess the company must be in the dark period before they report earnings! That is doubtfull! Anyone wonder when the company will drop the chat page here at Yahoo? That is about the only place you can go for honest speculation. There is almost no where to go for hard facts.

      Well, as long as you have some other stock holdings you should make money tomorrow. It looks like a relief rally is in store since the fuzzy foreigners in Europe look like they have a short term fix to their inevitable bankrupcy. If you have only SPPH do not hold your breath for profits tomorrow. Too bad if so.

      Take Care!

    • Woops! Why didn't anyone bring the price back to a penny? Are we worried about further dilution yet? The volume is absolutely terrible. The market is figuring it out on SPPH. Is SPPH figuring it out? Probably need to dilute to make payrol by now. When?

    • Since every investor is a shorter in your mind you should march on Wall Street against greed. Just don't forget to carry a sign about SPPH and their "Corporate Greed". That might be the company's best opportunity at a television spot focused on the company. Go fight the good fight Joe.

    • You are not bothering me so don't worry about that. You are making a total fool out of yourself, you might want to worry about that.

      Take Care

    • i don't think you are fooling anyone else, and you are certainly not fooling me.

      if you would just be honest and admit you are a shorter, i would leave you alone.

    • Correction to typo...

      There are over 500K shares available on the ask.....not $500k.

    • Man that sure sucks! Someone got a huge haircut who was buying at $.01. There is no way that the stock can levitate at that price. The stock/company is not worth that or half of that. I know that it is hard to do the math since the company does not file a decent financial report but just look at the chart and all of the failures after their PR announcements. It is really astounding that someone would pay a penny with the available information that is out there. The stock will get to trade levels eventually but the people with money to throw away need to be satisfied. I threw my money away with a placeholder and I have no more to throw away with this stock. They can't even afford a liar PR anymore!

    • Was that ballancing from yesterday? No one would nuy 5,000 shares of this stock at a penny with fees unless they were outright stupid! $50 with $12 in fees in and out? Have fun watching these shares going to $.0125 a share. Have fun. You have to wait for the 300+k shares at a penny to flush out. That is, if it is only that many shares.

      Take care

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