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  • penbat2003 penbat2003 Jan 16, 2013 9:07 AM Flag


    In spite of the controversy it could actually work out well for SWC if you are prepared to wait for about 7 years:
    1/ copper has one of the best long term fundamentals of all commodities
    2/ preliminary signs that the ore at Altar may be double that initially thought
    3/ Resource nationalization in Argentina on the wane generally, Argentina already has plenty of domestic copper supply so little incentive to nationalize Altar anyway.

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    • pen, as to copper having the best long term fundamentals, that is not what I have been reading. There are massive projects all around the world coming on line as demand is expected to wain over the coming years. Short-term yes, but long term no.

      The WSJ had an excellent article on commodity investing about a week or so back. It focused on the potash industry as an example, first a shortage, prices rise, major producers rush in and produce, supplies increase dramatically, prices drop. In short, the classic "feast or famine" cycle. It also compared this to the copper situation and how frustrating it is for commodity investors to have a "sure thing".

      Again this is why I am a platinum/palladium/SWC/PAL bug. There just simply is not that much pt/pd, the costs to get in are very high (Warren Buffet calls this an "economic moat"), demand is rising, etc.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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