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  • daalbers daalbers Apr 1, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    Price of Pt today

    Kitco has the price of Pt up $29 to $1596 an ounce

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    • It is now at $1,600 and palladium is now $786. With platinum and palladium up nicely, and if we can get rid of current managemnt, this stock will soar. It might even go up with the current rotten management, but new management would be a lot better.

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      • Yes, kinda like firing the current experienced labor force and hiring all new recruits because they will then work harder.

        When the price of palladium bottomed ($161) at the end of 2008, North American Palladium (PAL) shut down and Stillwater Mining (SWC) stayed open. North American Palladium had to rehire and retrain. Stillwater Mining managed to keep most of the jobs, even if it lost profits by mining palladium.

        Blame Stillwater Mining management for that, and for buying Marathon (2010) and Peregrine (2011) as a means to diversify in case palladium bottoms again.

        Of course, the Clinton Group would have foreseen all this and simply canned the workforce like North American Palladium did. So, yes, fire the current Stillwater Mining management.

        There are reasons for everything, including why management made the decisions they made at the time. We now have the luxury of being able to look back and now, with palladium ($785), we can afford to train new management and hope they quickly learn how to mine palladium, or mine the company itself.

        Wet Seal was the latest Clinton Group playground.

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