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  • platinumconvert platinumconvert May 2, 2002 3:46 PM Flag

    viant shareholder opinion of buyout

    If that shareholder thinks VIAN management is going to liquidate and give back all the money in cash JUST because the DVIN merger didn't go through, they've got another thing coming. VIAN management has made clear that they are running the business to go forward. If DVIN doesn't go through, they'll burn through the cash until their dead or in bankruptcy court. The DVIN deal will give them atleast 50 cents on the share and the chance to be a part of something much bigger with DVIN. Not once did they argue anything in that post on anything of merit. Burn through VIANT's cash in 1 or 2 quarters? I don't think so, since it will come into the coffers on Q3 when DVIN moves to be burn neutral, and then into Q4 where they will be cash positive from an operating perspective. IF they want to get more than 50 cents ont he dollar -- they should SELL their VIAN now and get the $1.40 they can. Otherwise, they should deal with the 50 cents and DVIN stock. The only other option they have is ZERO. That would be one of those "amateur" investors flip was mentioning on the phone...