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  • rebeccarhodes rebeccarhodes Feb 8, 2008 9:05 AM Flag

    Potentials for th Vanguard 500 Index

    I am new to investment and I have been reading a lot of good things about this fund. Now the market is sluggish, so it is good time for investment. My concern is that what is the rising potential of this fund as it costs already more than a hundred per unit. I vaguely know that shares will split when prices go too high for investment. Does it work with mutual fund too? Also, when I look at its past performances for the last five years, it is not so impressive....

    So, is there anyone would give me some help?


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    • Looks like you know quite a bit of investing and are acting dumb...anyway, I am actually thinking of bailing out of this 500 index fund and go to safer havens, bonds, retirement trust funds etc...the fall has just started, and there are some even bigger names yet to be seen in the news! Yep...looks like the sky is really falling this time...
      Anyone planning on pulling out of this 500 index fund? Please post your thoughts.

    • I think it is an excellant time to get in. I was in at $113 in 8/2005 and elimitated my postion in 12/07 at about $138. I am going back in now.

      Good luck.

    • One of the strongest methods to investing is called "dollar cost averaging", which means that you continue to invest a certain dollar amount, making purchases regularly over time. As you make these purchases, sometimes you buy high, other times low, but over time, your investments average out and you begin to see good gains and are not subject to market swings. The more time you have, the better this method works. Hope this helps and your in a great fund.

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      • Never Spread Dollar Cost Averaging Stock Advice, ever.

        Even a high school student can spend five minutes on any "reputable" financial website that debunks that ancient and horrendous method of investing.

      • I agree. I fully invest in this fund in my IRA and have put the full amount in every first trading day after New Years Day. However this year I had some strange feeling that it would be a bad year for equities and I decided to invest $50 per week for 50 weeks. I'm happy with that decision. New Years of 2007 NAV was $132. New Years 2008: $130 or so. But now I have bought more shares at lower prices than I would have if I bought it all this January. I've been buying into this fund since 2000 so I'm not so concerned about where it's at now. But I'm now a much stronger believer in dollar cost averaging. Vanguard website allows you to set up so that you could make weekly investments. I recommend this for everyone to set up.

        I have monthly investments too in VWESX, VEIEX, and VISGX.

    • Vanguard 500 is one of the most widely held of Mutual Funds.
      I have my whole family in this fund. Now is good time to Max your Roth IRA out due to share price near a 2 year low.

    • You might think that the return on this mutual fund is low, but it is the market average. To beat the market average you need to a better than average stock picker, and pick good times to buy and sell. This is a lot harder than you might think. Emotion gets the best of a lot of good people. BTW you can open a brokerage account at Scottrade and buy shares of SPY which is based on the S&P 500 and not have to worry about a minimum balance, but you cannot buy fractional shares. The cost of SPY is $135.14 currently but you could buy VV, which 60.74 per share.

    • You can buy fractions of shares for mutual funds. There is a required minimum investment for the fund of $3000.

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