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  • thekid9935 thekid9935 Oct 9, 2008 9:19 AM Flag

    Started my position

    Just started my position in this fund. Will buy all the way down and dollar cost average. Don't need the money for 40 years. Great long term opportunity here with divs reinvested.

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    • Instead of Buying down why not Buy in at the bottom and make money while it goes up.

    • I went back in @ 71.00 after being in the High Yield Bond Fund for the last year.........

    • Good job/insight.

      I myself started recontributing to the VFINX around August 2008. I figured it was time, although in hindsight I should have waited a few months.

      I had moved my 401k out of this fund and into bonds, and changed my contributions to the PTRAX bond fund towards the end of 2007, so I didn't lose too much, at least I got the front side right.

      I moved 25% out of PTRAX and into VFINX almost 2 months ago, and I am planning to do another 25% on 5/1 (so I don't miss the bond fund dividend). I hope it works out for all of us in 5 to 7 years, since I'm expecting the S&P to be back around 1550 by then, that would put this stock back around $140.

      I'll update you when I put more of my bonds back into this fund, expect to be fully invested in this fund, 401k wise, by this time next year.

      Good luck with your investments.

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      • Unless the PE/Div corrects, there is very little value to be found in the S&P, and the pattern of bubbles and crashes will continue. You may very well be right about 1550, but only after another very, very nasty re-valuation will it mean anything significant. I won't speculate on a number, but for the S&P PE and Div. yield to be on par would entail a level far below anything we've witnessed. however, the cleansing process is exactly what the market needs.

        You sure you want to buy and hold under these circumstances? I'm not flaming people to be nasty, just to help educate the many who are wandering around like Zombies asking "what happened?" It's obvious what happened-people were told to buy and hold and not look at their statements. Inflation was mistaken for a Bull market over the last few years.

        Again, go to the S&P website, and examine their month-end data. Study, learn and don't rely on CNBC or the outdated beliefs of the once great John Bogle. His, investment theories arose out of the late 1970's early '80s, in which, by the way, you had a very close ratio between the PE and Div yield-a true Bull market value.

        You'll probably not read this, or if you do will not act. The forces of brainwashing are very strong, and combined with hope and emotion are deadly. Best of luck though.

    • Let guess, Cramer told you.

      Great timing!

    • Started dumping in all the cash I hoarded from '04-'08 into a Vanguard account.

      I'm about half invested, and dollar cost averaging.

      Despite the current market carnage, I am only down 4%. I am feeling great about my long-term prospects for the portfolio.

    • I think you will do well in the long term.

    • Still here and still adding to my position. Good luck to all.

    • Ditto. When it became apparent the economy was tanking, I put almost 80% of my funds in the Vangard retirement savings trust. I just picked up a bunch at $85 and have 86% of future contributions going into that trust again, hoping I can buy more below $80.

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