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  • questinvest questinvest Aug 9, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    September news on huge gain in production.

    The anticipated startup of production at W-1, West Rochelle, in September is getting nearer, every day. Remember, folks, the well is flow tested to be great, the pipe is in place, and the only thing preventing turning on the spigot is upgrade work on the platform that will do the pumping. So, the probability of success with it is very high. With W-1 generating revenues, even if early revenues are more dedicated to a paydown of costs, the revenue stream will be recognized and cash will be flowing. That is, essentially, payday!
    Also the East Rochelle second well was to have started drilling in July, so pretty soon that will be up and running, too.
    Then there is the phenomenal success with Apache at Bacchus.
    Lots of great happenings and an expected several months of great news as projects get turned into cashflow.
    We will probably look back and wished we had bought even more, now. I hope so!
    Good luck, longs.

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