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  • richard_kortsep richard_kortsep Oct 26, 2011 4:45 PM Flag

    Internal Investigation already complete???

    Someone made the point on this board previously that the company is "stalling"; with implication that internal investigation is completed. Futher, point was made that due to possible unethical transactions with CEO's son, pressure is being put on Chairman Gao to resign. This is speculation, but if true is it not very unlikely, he would resign. Therefore, is it not true the company can "stall" indefinitely and simply choose not to release the results of independent investigation at all??? They have their auditor Sherb who will likely show postive numbers at some point; and the company just moves on from there to improve share price by small increments.

    Does anyone have an opinion as to whether or not the company is mandated to release the investigation results? It is more than reasonable to assume the investigation should have been completed by now.

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    • Ziggy, Markshield signed on for a year with options vesting at 33K per year for 3 years at an exercise price of 1.84. I would think he is getting all the ducks in a row to release information to maximize the stock price. IMO we are going to get it all at once. This guy is no dummy? Do you think he would take 100k shares of stock at an option price of 1.84 if he did not think it had a chance to get above that. Also same options price for the new CFO. I hope he is our man and gets this job done. I have alot a stake with a share price of 1.69 and am slowly adding to my position of 40K shares as I like the odds of hitting it out of the ball park.

    • XDUB , U have been saying all along other opportunities instead of CBEH , thus far u look correct , hopefully CBEH will see its day again , but while nothing is happening it is wise to find other good buys , which I'm sure TM and Furball and the rest of the board is doing, Hopefully Zen is correct and this lottery ticket will pan out. GOOD LUCK

    • The last time they announced Earnings guidance was July 27th , so tomorrow will be 3 months exactly. Maybe tomorrow morning we will see some news , Don't hold your breath.

    • I agree with Furball , I would really like to believe that the company will say something positive or anything , I look for any news all over the internet on CBEH , and there is nothing , even the authors @ Seeing Alpha have been silenced from the lack of information , I have over 25,000 shares at an average price of $1.71 , How long did they sign Marksheid for , I thought it was 1 year , and it was not long after the halt in April , maybe May , if that is the case he is 1/2 way into his term, and we have basically heard nothing, This is by FAR my worst pick thus far this year , Thank God i have been able to pick a few other winning stocks . Good Luck ----- Hopefully they will update their earning guidance , its been 3 months and that Expo is over.

    • BTW, just because CBEH was delisted from NASD doesn't not mean that it has significant fraud. The first independent investigation fell apart (due to one of the parties involved not being paid promptly, and also the fact that CBEH didn't want disk images of its corporate data to be made accessible to 3rd parties unless they remained in the possession/control of their lawyer), and *that* is the reason why CBEH was delisted. That caused KPMG to pull their 2010 audit. KPMG said the reason they did this was entirely due to the independent investigation falling apart.

      The company did respond promptly after that to repair the damage done, so that much is positive.

    • I don't follow your logic - delisting happened, that is the worst that could happen (from the standpoint of stuff NASD has control over). The appeal (to stop the delisting) failed, otherwise CBEH would not have been delisted. Am I missing something?

    • Independent Directors have a job to report findings to the SEC. Steve is running the Investigation, and once complete must communicate directly with the SEC. He won't just stall if the investigation in complete. Unless he's being bribed with delicious chinese cocaine.

    • I think the only mandate to release the independent investigation results would be associated with relisting on NASD or on some other U.S. stock exchange. Otherwise, probably the company can stall this indefinitely.

      I think CBEH wants to relist on NASD, however in addition to finishing the independent investigation they would also have to get their share price up to $4/share for a few months (new requirement on reverse mergers) to be able to do this.

      Sadly ... I think if they never finish the independent investigation, the stock price will stay in the mud and we will never recoup our losses no matter what glowing financials they produce.