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  • NY_Guy2 NY_Guy2 Jan 23, 2012 12:47 PM Flag

    showing last trade at $1.02 in AMTD

    is this right....what is going on??

    Please keep going up 50 cents at a time. haha

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    • Sup Com , I could not have said it any better , thats what i have been saying , and if CBEH is proven not to be a fraud , Longwei will take the ride up also, LPH has not been accused of any wrong doing and has been punished , i wish i could have got in at .82 on Oct 4th , I got in @ $1.27 .Good Luck Your Buddy Eric----> Shin.

    • LPH made a nice 10% move up today -- it should see $2-3 in the next few weeks. I agree that CBEH is far more undervalued than LPH, but LPH is still listed which counts in its favor. Even so, it's P/E is only 2.

    • @youamialso I was not 4-4 on picks yesterday , i picked New England but they did not cover , I think there will be a lot of points in the superbowl all i can ask 4 is a game as competitive as the 2 games were yesterday , if i had 2 pick right now I would take the Giants . If u can get the 3 points i would grab them now. Good Luck , yo are u related to Iamyoualso.??????

    • WOW @TM I thought there was a smilarity in your research reports , I'm disappointed in myself for not noticing Longwei sooner it has doubled since October 4th , 2 much uncertainty in CBEH right now , but there is plenty of time to make a decision on CBEH , if there is a fraud , there will be a long time before it gets footing but if it is a small fraud and they can start 2 update guidance again should move the stock over a buck. Your Buddy Eric Shin

    • Chenghe == tm I like cast,lph but Cbeh IS much more undervalued.

    • Yo Eric who do u like in the superbowl u went 4 -4 on your picks yesterday..

    • One thing I will tell u guys is after the investigation , Positive or negative , CBEH will once again be able 2 give projections which should be positive for the stock,but if it is fraud than stock will be in quicksand for another 8 months the silence is killing this stock if they said anything there would be interest in buying , that company longwei has been punished because of cbeh , and i believe it has doubled off the bottom.. Your Buddy Eric Shin

    • When I saw Co ceo's resign I thought it would give a lift to the stock , I don't own it but I saw That Woman on here Fur talk about it once I believe so I put it up for informational purposes only , Apple and Google (android ) are eating rimms lunch , U will see by apples earnings tomorrow that they are kicking ess , I own apple but I'm hoping the big rise lately will not be punished , but I'm predicting Apple will blow the doors off Iphone 4s #'s I've been wrong B4 , I also have VMW which has earnings after the bell and emc which has earning 2 morrow , so we shall c , Chenge u are a smart guy and Tm , there r other chinese stocks out there with great growth.

    • Like your call RIMM will go up today? -8%

      But yes this stock should trade around 0.85$.

    • Yo This stock has potential if there is no fraud , but the knuckleheads who think this is going to $10 , give me what u are smoking, This stock should be trading at least .74-.84 right now , because of uncertainty of investigation it is getting hurt , but if those videos are real by dooschbag al little this sucker is going to .24 , i feel for the guys like TM that have been in this for over a year the guys who bought this less than .50 , at this point it looks good , but i bet some guys have like 100 shares at less than a buck please . Good Luck Buy Longwei instead because CBEH is wrongwei, Your buddy Eric Shin

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