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  • acorisk acorisk Jan 25, 2012 5:15 PM Flag

    More bullish signs - 20 day crosses 50 day average

    10 day had recently crossed the 20 day moving average.
    10 day had recently crossed the 50 day moving average.

    Now, 20 day moving average has crossed the 50 day average. (near term the stock price is accelerating faster than the recent longer trend).

    Continuing to gain bullish momentum - still crazy low volume... and still no news

    1.7 million shares short, if the news is clean on the investigation... could get interesting for the longs and shorts. likewise, interesting if not so clean...


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    • Yeah, CBEH strategy: don't bother finishing the independent investigation, while it is in progress it is enough to fend off the nuisance lawsuits (which wouldn't be able to get Chinese courts to agree to punish the company anyways, even if there is fraud). Eventually Chinese stocks (which are in a serious bear market) will rebound due to "dead cat bounce" and also on the rising tide of Chinese government GDP growth boosting (2% in 2012, election year for them), and all will be forgotten, stock price will slowly rise. Then list on Chinese exchange - fork those U.S. exchanges and their strict financial reporting (and auditing) requirements, they have it in for Chinese companies anyways.

    • Since most people think the price is an indicator for value, most people will value CBEH more with higher prices, which will drive the price, which drives the perceived value, which drives the price and so on...