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  • thegreenfarmer thegreenfarmer Mar 14, 2012 6:58 PM Flag


    Considering the Spelling, the Grammar, and the Syntax that I read on this message board, I am having an extremely difficult time believing anything that I read. TIA. TGF.

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    • Whats up Jumper , I think The Green Farmer is responding to my 2:26 post from Thursday , which he misunderstood , There used to be a guy on this board who has since disappeared his name was Omaha Comedian , he used to always try and flirt with Furball who is listed as Female , she or he just revealed recently that he is a man , so I said in the post yesterday that Mr Furball should have revealed that she - he or it owned an Adams Apple. Good Luck

    • I honestly believe that CBEH may choose to not finish the independent investigation, in spite of any hopeful news we have heard to the contrary.

      Think about it:
      What is their motivation to finish it now? They are already delisted. Publishing the results of the investigation, if they are not 100% clean, will give shareholder lawsuits some real ammunition.

      Otherwise, I cannot guess why it would be taking this long. Although I do caution people holding CBEH to not set your hopes on the independent investigation ever finishing. If you do, you will just allow your emotions to be manipulated. Think: if you are encouraged by posters on this message board to have hope the investigation will complete *any day now* for several more months, and then it still hasn't finished several months from now, where will you be emotionally at that point - perhaps ready to capitulate and sell all of your shares? I would bet you some people would just love to see that happen, so they can snap them up for cheap. Some people who claim to be long are probably just trading this stock, in and out, perhaps even switching from short to long as convenient. Too risky a trade for me.

      I would expect CBEH can list on a Chinese stock exchange, if they would like, w/out bothering to finish their independent investigation.

    • Its all my brothers fault , he said he was sorry , TM please come back , Toby don't leave , erection keep posting , Furball , please stay a woman , we are in the 8th inning , CBEH is the home team they are up last , its almost over , us green farmers want the stock to do good.. 8 o )

    • Many sensitive people on here , I think Furball is right its been long long time . I only have 18796 shares , but i am embarrassed to say , my average price is $3.94 , but I will be ahead soon ( I believe) , and when the stock hits $5 , and Alfred Little drops the soap $#%%^&&, anyway I also own the competition LPH and am ahead by a little and when CBEH comes out with the good news it will lift the whole sector..Toby , TM don't get discouraged not everyone can be long or nice people . Good Luck Eric Shin

    • I am far from being new,I have been a CBEH shareholder for a long time. with a larger postion then all of put together!! yes I may be new to this board,but one thing is for certain I am real and the visit to CBEH is real...Can you say the same and be truthful about it..I have no reason or motive other than to see CBEH as a company and its shareholders do well.this will be my last posting..I wish all of you the very best in your future.

    • heddygreen Mar 15, 2012 7:44 PM Flag

      MY goodness, so many so many posts regarding this subject!

    • Yo Tm ==== Chenge is that you Toby ?????

    • I agree with Rasbra , Yo Toby you are new here who are you , what is your other name on here , You post like you have been here for a while , and you just appeared 3-4 weeks ago , i was very skeptical also , I agree with what you say , but all of a sudden a lot of people have said they have visited CBEH , I was unsure but looking at the volume lately no one is listening. I think Rasbra is losing Patients with you , and I believe the company will come out ok but if it does not , will you change your name to Tobycents. Yo friend Eric Shin

    • Capitulation already happened (or what part of it would happen did) ... no point to bash it anymore, what are shorties going to say - that the company has gone dark? That's really the only thing they can say at this point to bash CBEH. Everything else was already said.

    • I called CBEH Polise and they will find Chenghe and Tmbien , My name is Eric Shin and my ereccction is harder than Chinese Arithmatic it is as hard as Geometry or Calculas , Yo Green farmer and tylers softer I think u shuld apolojize to Chengse so he returns to this board befour investigation is done. Stock will be 3 dolla and weven sense on April 16th schush...Wotta Luck Longes .

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