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  • tgator1993 tgator1993 Apr 21, 2012 11:25 AM Flag


    Let's see. Shearman and sterling advised on the secondary in oct 2009. Shearman and sterling has a great track record of advising companies with aquisitions ( go to their website and see what they have advised on in the past year ). Huge decline in the stock price led by short attacks. Pillsbury and company replaced by shearman and sterling in may 2011. Shearman and sterling have also advised many chinese companies on going private. Could this be what is going on behind the scenes? Could Gao be looking for financing/a way to take Cbeh private like many other Chinese companies have? It seems likely considering the fact that some board members that were not cooperative left and were replaced. Cbeh is a real company with real businesses ( tobygrand has verified this thru his direct visit with management. Pictures with roger and Jeff prove he was there for any of you doubters! ) Huge upside IMO .

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    • I agree. The reticence in disclosing acquisitions and the time lag in releasing the report makes the probability of a takeover a real possibility.

    • If private, will be alot higher than 75 cents a share. If public, should be lots higher than 75 cents a share after release of investigation information. Evidence by pictures, postings (jobs, viits by various chinese groups, etc) show real company.

      Important to balance, with how could this go the other way -- it could if CEO out to fully take advantage of share holders - other companies in China have done this (CCME and others, for instance).... If so, then less likely would create big involved investigation.

      If I were sitting on a civil Jury - I'd say verdict = real company and real value about to be known to the market (preponderance of evidence > 51%). If it were a criminal jury (beyond a reasonable doubt) -- each day that ticks forward with no news would offer a bigger chance for finding for the minority view (even 90% - 10% in criminal trial goes to the 10%).

      Financial markets will answer soon. GLTA.

      Looking forward to paying the $100 "guess the date prize" in the next week or two. Maybe once we hit the year anniversary.