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  • supracmdrr supracmdrr Feb 17, 2013 12:07 AM Flag

    Biggest Liar

    Is Tgator no way in the world that you have 450,000 shares,I know that as a fact,go back to the ZERO board where you were shorting that .30 cent stock,go look at his previous posts and see,and also look at old post and see what he claims he owns at CBEH and the price,If you are going to lie do it realistically,get a life dude,and if Monday trader wants to post negative stuff then deal with it, be a man,TM is correct a good price to get for this stock if it is bought out would be between $2.50-$2.75.Question for TM you said that SCEI was bought out I believe for what price was that,I know it was up like 9% the other day but I thought I saw like .38.For the new posters on the board I would give the most credibility of knowledge on the board to Tmbiogen,and Royal is probably the gentlemen of the board and Furball is very knowledgeable,A lot of the negative guys are very frustrated which is very understandable with the lack of noise from the company,Zen could have something there with the website tho.Good Luck

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    • My holdings are what I say there. And unlike you I would never short at 30 cent stock ! Not ZERO and not CBEH like you have. ZERO is a scam stock. Please do you research on that and see. CBEH is a real companu with a real business.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Sorry buddy i am not short,company is real but ceo don't care for shareholders,you will end up making money here but not as much as you think,and it will take a while longer,if company would say anything stock would pop,but nothing and if Gao owns 51 % of the company and you just add up shares that people say that they have on this board it is more then shares outstanding,its just a waiting game,but this has been an unbelievable year of profits so far,looks like there could be a correction soon,i have been in and out of hlf since 29, gonna sit on the sidelines and see what happens with earnings on Tues. Made 17,000 on Z short Squeeze,and Nflx has been best stock in over a year for me,got a triple out of it ,got out on Thursday,it probably will still go up,but I'm happy with gains,might take a big risk with tsla next earnings wed ,i could lose there,if cbeh could give earnings or projections it would get out of quicksand at 38 cents,if you do have that many shares you could end up with 2 mill,