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  • this_trader this_trader Oct 23, 2007 10:35 AM Flag

    market cap / share price ?!?!

    There must be manipulation - otherwise
    you can not explain current share price/market cap.

    One product companies years away from market authorization,
    with products with less market potential,
    ten times more worth than EPCT ?

    Ridicolous !

    But who could be interested in holding down EPCT ?
    short sellers, competitors or possible buy-out - does not make sense !

    Cancer product in market authorization process (Ceplene),
    Azixa, EPC2407, NP-1, SP and BP, ASAP platform,
    milestones, licenses, intellectual property, etc

    This share should be at 10$ and not a damn penny share !

    Any suggestions/comments ?

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    • Poor management! It's Jacks job to run and also promote this company to wallstreet. He should be presenting this company's story wherever he can, that's his job to the shareholders. If he can't do it himself because he's to busy, then hire someone to get the word out to fund holders!

    • This...I agree with you that EPCT is significantly undervalued. No arguements there. I don't, however, subscribe to the manipulation theory. I could very well be wrong, but this stock is just too obscure and under the radar to be toyed around with by some hedge fund or other firm or person. Rather, I subscribe to the theory that the stock is undiscovered by wall street, main street, and every other street in-between. With institutional interest virtually non-existent, the stock just drifts around aimlessly on low volume.

      I would like to see some greater effort by management to make the company more visible...their typical calendar of events, etc. just doesn't seem to be cutting it at this stage. However, in the same breath, I want them to trim unnecessary costs and focus on achieving milestones that will drive the long-term value of the company. There has to be a happy balance somewhere in between, though.

      That being said, the question is, what is going to be the catalyst that is going to move the stock price and keep it up? Azixa milestone payments? I don't think so. It is already public that MYGN is moving forward with three pII trials, it is just an administrative issue of when they first dose and when EPCT gets paid.

      I think Ceplene approval will be the catalyst. It will demonstrate that this management team has the ability to get a drug approved (allbeit that approval was not obtained in the most direct, efficient means...but in the end, all that matters is they got a drug approved). The next potential catalyst is the success of the pII trials of Azixa, moving into FDA NDA filing. If and when that occurs, that will validate the ASAP platform, which, do date, is unproven. If and when either of these events occurs, we will get our true valuation. All IMO.

      My only concern is dilution until Ceplene approval / sales rev kicks in. I have no idea how much the upcoming Azixa milestone is, but I am hoping that it plus current cash will get us through to Ceplene sales revenue to avoid further dilution. Of course, I wouldn't mind dilution of $10 million when it is priced at $10, it is just the $10 million priced at sub $3 that kills me.

      IMO, keep accumulating for the next 6 months.

    • if u look at dndn chart before its run it was at 12 and fell to 3,98 before it broke out on its fda news .im long i bought at 4,00 and 2,12 and just grabed some 1.57 it will get to $10.00 some day im being held hostage i have no chouce but !i believe in epct and its future so kick back a relaxe and she will pop good luck trader.

    • Everybody can see that this stock is undervalued,

      but why they granted five-year !! warrants to purchase up to approximately 2.13 million shares of common stock at an exercise price of $1.88 per share !! in the last public offering.

      Why they have such a weak position against the institutional investors?

    • I have been making this arguement for over a year.
      With the spike to over 4.00 I thought we might be on the way to reasonable valuation.
      I feel that alot of the problem is with the Maxim legacy,
      Maxim was not a wallstreet darling.
      But the past is the past, and I guess EPCT needs to PROVE itself by not screwing up trials, get some deals done, and god willing some sales revenue.

      The stock is acting as though Ceplene will fail.
      An approval would be a suprise to most due to the inability of Maxim to capitalize Ceplene's potential.

      IMO the real unlocked potential lies in the ASAP platform, with Azixa and 2407. One would have to assume that other larger pharmas are looking at EPCT for their platform. If that is the case, It would benefit the potential to keep the share price low so that any potential offer could be low also.
      The problem with this theory, is that most deals are leaked and the price explodes (possibly what happened in April)

      MYGN initiating 3 phase 2 trials with Azixa speaks huge IMHO.

      With the pipe and the perceived potential, EPCT should have a market cap of 100m minimum pre Ceplene decision.

      Eventually the street gets the valuation correct.
      Ceplene Approval is the catalyst that can push EPCT into the players ring, and this is very near term, so the downward movement makes even less sense to me.

      • 2 Replies to synergykjs
      • ...>"the real unlocked potential lies in the ASAP platform".. >
        A discovery engine in this area is extremely valuable, more than any single product. The only propblem is that many 'big pharma' guys detect its utility only after having at first spent $millions down the drain in useless clinical trials.

        ..>"EPCT needs to PROVE itself by not screwing up trials, get some deals done, and god willing some sales revenue"..>
        I agree, EPCT at first must exploit its existing products in an effective manner, and they have a lot. Is there any idea what for these guys pay a business development manager?

        ..>."With the pipe and the perceived potential, EPCT should have a market cap of 100m minimum pre Ceplene decision"..>
        Based on a technical portfolio analysis (including the current valuation of comparable companies!) the mkt.cap should have a minimum of $170m. This difference to its current mkt.cap is unbelievable. If that is not based on manipulation or wrong conditions (see the public offering conditions) then an alternaive is a lack of public awareness, or in other words, EPCT shows a significant lack to "do good things and to talk about it".

      • Any approval of any of their pipeline drugs means a move into very substantial profit, and when that happens the price will go up.

    • treblehook_treblehook treblehook_treblehook Oct 23, 2007 10:43 AM Flag

      I'am with you on that! I cant figure it out either!
      maybe tomorrow we get a bump up. GLTA!

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