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  • smithofborneo smithofborneo Oct 26, 2007 9:58 AM Flag

    Why is there so little interest in this board?

    Let's do a poll. Everybody who reads this message, recommend it - it doesn't matter if it's 1 star or 5 and let's read the number. We'll see how small a group we are (or not).

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    • waiting for the pop!

    • I'd rather see interest in the stock than this MB. When you have a lot messages you get lots of pumpers & bashers, of which I can do without. I'd much rather have, read worth while messages & news.

    • I became an EPCT shareholder when they bought out Maxim. I just picked up a few more today to average down. Been in the red for several years. Luckily I did not tie alot into it.

    • With a small bio company like this, information comes in slow trickles, not rapid torrents. The active posters on this board often surprise me with good info but checking in once or twice a week is more than adequate enough to gauge the latest goings-on. That said, I enjoy the discussions.

    • It seems there are only 10 of us true believers. Scary.

    • We will rock in anticipation of Ceplene approval. That's only 1 catalyst that will drive this stock higher. Epicept has many irons in the fire. Even management can't screw all of them up! Patience! It's not easy, but fortunes are never easy to make!

    • smith,

      I'm still here. I was very heartened by the stock's action on Wednesday. While the rest of the market was sucking wind most of the day, EPCT was positive the whole day. Then, somewhere in the last couple of seconds of trading, the stock went up 4 cents. I can't even find the trade on my system, but it set us up for a lousy day yesterday.

      I've been adding on the way down and now have an uncomfortably large position(well, it's uncomfortable when the stock is going down, anyways :). I'm starting to scratch my head a little on the Azixa payments fom Myriad. These payments were supposed to be made on the first dosing (within 30 days) of a patient. Myriad seemed like they were in a hurry to get these trials going. My understanding were that these payments were $1-2mm per trial. This is a material amount of cash for Epicept, so I'd think they'd be required to make a statement when those proceeds were received? At this point, maybe they're just waiting until the quarterly cc.

      The data out this week seem very positive about the action of the drug with other existing cancer drugs. It seems that every day that goes by the news about the company's drug portfolio gets better, while the stock price goes down. As we all know, these types of divergences can't last forever and are eventually rectified. Since I am not expecting any negative news on the pipeline anytime soon (It seems to me that a negative Ceplene decision would be the first negative potential data point and that's not until March), the share price will eventually have to catch up with quality of the pipeline here.

      Lastly, I'm trying to figure out the major shareholder dynamics here. The major holders of stock have all signed a 10b5-1 plan(per 8-k dated 8-27-07) that locks them up from selling until a minimum price of $4.00:

      Under these trading plans, the Registrant's stock price must reach a minimum of $4.00 per share before any of TVM III's, TVM IV's or Mr. DiBello's (collectively, the "10b5-1 plan shareholders") shares may be sold. The 10b5-1 shareholders may sell 25% of their individual holdings at a price range of $4.00 to $6.49 per share, 25% of their individual holdings at a price range of $6.50 to $8.99 per share, an additional 25% of their individual holdings at a price range of $9.00 to $11.49 per share, and the final 25% of their individual holdings at a price at or above $11.50 per share. Sales under the plans may begin on August 22, 2007, and the plans are scheduled to continue for 12 months from the date of inception.

      Other than the above mentioned funds, which are barred from selling at these price levels, institutional and mutual fund holdings are negligible. Hell, I now have more shares than the largest listed mutual fund holder. So, where is the current selling coming from?? Volume has been pretty light, so even though institutional holdings are negligible, there may be some tax loss selling from those institutions that have a 10/31 tax year end. Insiders haven't been selling, just the opposite.

      So, I'm wondering whether there were a lot of chasers when the stock spiked in April and those holders are gradually bailing out?? Anyone have any thoughts out there?


    • Be assured there is high interest. Many may be only disappointed about the currently ridiculous mkt.cap, however in face of EPCT's outstanding product portfolio this sick situation will soon resolve. Many postings here give good information. I'm still here and with the epcters

    • Quality folks reporting very informative info about this investment live here. Not the normal pump and dump. It's deep science beyond me but I like the investment and appreciate the reporting here.

    • cheers epcters :)

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