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  • manowar68 manowar68 May 20, 2009 10:38 AM Flag

    Swedish law and EPCT.

    Crazy thought....

    Obviously, our law enforcement here in the US can't go after the EPCT mafia, but can the authorities in Sweden do something?

    I'm wondering if they have any laws over there that address fiduciary irresponsibility and shareholder negligence on the part of a publicly-traded companies' management?


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    • If you have the opinion that the salary of the CEO is to high, vote and win the majority on the annual meeting. If you find the text in the annual report about the 1 million USD payed by Epicept (Maxim is wholly owned by Epicept), is false. Make your point and take some action. Why just talk?

      If you were not hiding behind nick-name, if you had the balls not to, your accusations, in Sewden, could lead to court as an answer to your allegations.

      That's the Swedish law.

      So step forward. For every post you write whithout doing something, you just make us wonder what's name of the game you are playing.

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      • larshansson distorted my posting of may 20 It said “Annual Report 2007, quote: “We previously paid Dr. Hellstrand $ 1 million". “Truth is that such payment hasn't been made by EPCT. Maxim, a different company made that already a couple of YEARS AGO - AND PRIOR TO ITS ACQUISITION”. That means this mgmt faked its official Annual Report to the Stockolders with an untrue statement on the cost of a million payment.”
        hannsnonsense even said “ ..could lead to court as an answer to your allegations.... that's the Swedish law”. Yes hannosense you are right, but just for those like you who distort the context of my messages. other than you i know what I’m talkin about.

      • lasrjassnon, we all did already know that you are specialist in attacking other people with your half truth. Now you are also specialist in Swedish law but even can't understand a wrong note in an annual report. I've downgraded your 50% truth quote to 10% . That's not enough for a paid barking dog

      • Lars

        a simple question
        Where is the promised partner?
        I'm quite familiar with biotech and Pharma companies, and I know negotiations take time, but I'm getting more and more discouraged by the duration EPCT takes to complete a deal.

        Why is management not addressing this issue?
        Just sign a partner

    • Fraud is the same in US and Sweden. differences: Swedes react more sensitive on that and US attorneys are more expensive

      Let's give these guys the chance to make their next mistake at the annual stockholder meeting.

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