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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 May 21, 2009 4:16 AM Flag

    Swedish law and EPCT.

    "What is taking so long?"

    People, from different backgrounds :-), have given me that question/statement.

    Reread my answer. As an investor I find the 40% slope very interesting. I invested for ONE singel reason, Ceplene and the cashflow from that. Now I have extended that to TWO reasons: NP-1-agreement as well. A bonus given to me while waiting. Let's see if Myriad have another package for me these days.

    I wont argue with you about the size of my investment. My risk profile is not to be holding over "drilling", that's why I'm in after the approval. Sorry for your mistake in timing. We are dealers handeling risks, arn't we?

    What is the "waiting" (that is an optional waiting each day for every singel investor) boiling down to for me: The 40% perspective. If you have another, better one. Grab that. That's rational.

    I have doubled my investment the last month. My view is that the timetable is in a positive way caused by forces supporting a better deal than a "quicker" one. My suggestion is that the potential partner have all the information that exist around the total picture of Ceplene. That thrills me.

    Some 30 years ago I tried to be the best friend of the key personal in the CO I invested in. That was a bit naive looking back. :-) If you contact people in a central position in a CO and the CO do not have a secretary taking the post and calls you must understand that under the speciell circumstances we have in the history of the CO these days, from a legal standpoint, for example...Internet now makes it possible to mail direct to the CEO. But every singel investor must understand that it is not possible from many good reasons to answer them. Whene I read the Swedish threads, Epicept is just beaten by Ericsson in popularity, I understand that management recieves some mails, each day...

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